Monday, July 2, 2012

Me + Spencer = 716

So I'm bad at math. Haha that shouldn't be a shock to anyone. I like 716 better.

Yesterday after work I called Spencer to see how his day was. He'd been resting most of the day. He asked if I was home and if I was coming to dinner. If he extends the invitation I will always except.

Dinner was delightful. It was really fun to spend time with his family.

After dinner Britny came over. It was fun to see her. Every one sat around talking for a while. Mati told stories from Russia. Britny told stories about her piano students and different roommates. She said how she likes Michigan. They played Apples to Apples also. Spencer and I watched.

Apples to Apples is a funny game in the right group. Everyone was laughing and being silly. It was fun. I am glad I was able to be there.

Like the gentleman he is, Spencer walked me to the door. I was home by 8:50. The worst part of my day is when I have to say good night to Spencer. More times than not It’s all I can do not to cry. I wish I could sleep on his bedroom floor and hold his hand.

Spencer called me a little after 10pm to say good night. I love being able to end my day talking him. He makes me happy.

Today I started my week of 10 hour days. I don’t mind 10 hour shifts. I don’t love them though. I am looking forward to having Tuesday and Wednesday off. I will get to have all of both days with him. I love that! I am excited.

Norm is the new kid at work. He is also the head of both monitoring departments. He is the major big wig. I heart him mucho. Monitoring just won some award for outstanding customer service and prompt response time and some other stuff. We are the best of the best in the alarm company world. Whatever… I didn’t realize it was anything special until he comes in with this HUGE trophy. I asked him if he was going to fill it full of candy for us. He said no and laughed. He told me I could rub it if I wanted. I said I’d rather have candy. As I was leaving for break I was telling everyone that Norm was going to fill this huge trophy with candy for us. I made it sound like it was his idea and by the time I got back from break everyone was so excited and thanking Norm. Norm told me I was manipulative. I’m pretty sure that we are getting candy. Muhahaha!

I was only able to see Spencer for a few hours today. He is having a really hard time thinking. He was frustrated. It makes me sad to watch him slip away like he is. I miss him so much and he is sitting right next to me.

I was able to sit with him at the table. We talked a little bit. I like when we get to talk. I sat next to him during fhe. Stephen talked about the plan of salvation.

I was home by 10:20 ish. I'm tired.

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  1. It's hard hearing how Spencer is fading. It makes me cry too.