Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 3, 2012

*** Warning***
I will be venting for a few seconds.

Do you know what makes me crazy? Baby talk! It's not cute when you are talking to a child like that. It only teaches them to not know how to speak. It INFURIATES me when an adult will talk like that to another adult.
What are we doing?
Eating a nummy num breakfast. Lots of yummy bites.

That isn't even okay to say to a toddler! Arg! I know I shouldn't be frustrated. I know we should "become like unto a child" but seriously, that doesn't mean we need to be treated like a child.

***Venting over. We may now have normal blog post***

July 3, 2012

I "cleaned" my house. I really only made it half was presentable. I struggle with keeping up with my mess lately. It's nothing bad. I just have zero motivation to clean. I am also hardly ever home. If I'm not at work, I'm at Spencer's. If I'm not either place I'm sleeping.

I headed to Spencer's around 12:30. I was tired. He rested for most of the day. I sat next to him. I held his hand. We talked.

When I would shift positions and move my hand he would reach for me. He was so tired most of the day he couldn't hardly open his eyes. If he couldn't find my hand he would start to panic and call my name. That always broke my heart. I told him I wasn't going anywhere. He smiled and said "good"

If I got up to use the restroom, I would have to explain it several times before I got up. I just stopped drinking water. It wasn't worth it.

When lunch wasn't brought for me too Spencer asked What about Gina? Calli didnt know a was there yet. It wasnt a big deal. Plus, I'd already eaten. After explaining that he wanted to make sure that I was invited for dinner today and lunch tomorrow. He is so sweet. He keeps trying to take care of me.

After his mom went back down stairs He said in such a sad and concerned voice that even writing this makes me cry. "Gina, I just want you to be happy." He makes me happy. He has always made me happy. I'm not ready for the end yet. Every time he will squeeze my hand or smile at me I want to cry. I wish he would have just married me. He has changed my life. I struggle with not having him for eternity. He's my match and I don't get to keep him.

He told me he would call me for breakfast. He wanted to make sure I would he there. I got home around 9:30.

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