Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Monday again

Today is Courtney’s birthday. She is 15. That’s nuts to me. I remember when Heather said she was pregnant.

I woke Courtney up at 9:30 this morning. I made her get packed and dressed. Once we were ready to go we went to lunch. I took her to Brick Oven for her birthday. We ate until we were sick. It was really fun.

We were able to get Courtney to EFY without any trouble. She is where Alexa was last year. Alexa was where Courtney was. Haha

I got to work at 12:50. I didn’t need to be here until 2. I’m glad I won't be missing as many hours as I could have missed. I’ll be working through my lunches this week to make up the hours today. Might stay until 5 also. Just until I get the time made up.

At work this is our Inbound week. It’s still busy but so much less stress. James was entertaining us with his impressions of gay snakes. I’m pretty sure that someone peed their pants. It was so funny! I wish I was smart enough to put a video on my blog from my iPod. It was so good. I may have to have a special blog post about the randomness that is my job.

My bike wanted to have a sleep over at work with all its bike friends. Andrea took my home today. It was so hot and I didn’t really feel like riding it home. Plus sleep overs are fun every so often. :)

I was able to spend my evening with Spencer. I love him so much.

We went up the canyon tonight for a birthday party. Joe turned 50. We all ate dinner and visited. It was a good turn out. I'm glad we got to go. It was also nice for Spencer to have an outing. Everyone was excited to see Spencer. It was really nice.

After dinner we came back to Spencer's house. He was tired and needed to rest. He was getting disoriented.

Calli said he'd had a hard morning. That he couldn't think at all. As the day went on he could. She said its been coming in waves. Some deeper than others.

With all that he hash been going through he'll still tell me no when I want to take a picture. You'd think he'd lighten up a bit about that.

I headed home around 9. Yet another day without a picture of us... :(

Over all it was a good evening. I was able to get a picture of the family at the birthday party. It's kind of dark but it's better than nothing.

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  1. Sleepovers are fun. Parties are fun. You are funny. :)