Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Left Alone

I left my iPod alone for the grand total of 5 seconds. Spencer changed my rest screen. Last time he did that it said he hearted me. I heart him too.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lost and Found

Spencer is a sweet heart. When he took my purse he left me a trail to follow to find it. That was all in my purse.

He's nice. I heart him mucho.

Memory Monday - Supercuts

I miss Supercuts. I hearted it.

Ricky, a lady I worked with at Supercuts, always wanted to have Olive Garden for lunch. We would order out and then someone would pick it up. It was so fun when we did that. There was one time that she said my name to get my attention Anne then thwacked my forehead with a bread stick. Haha
Another time when we were cleaning up she said "look what I can do!" and jumped like Stuart on mad tv. She accidentally kicked the door that bounced back and hit her in the butt. That pushed her into the desk and knocked over the trash can. It was by far the funniest thing I'd ever seen in my life up to that point.

Lacy, a CSR at Supercuts, and I were closing the night before we were getting our floors waxed. We had to sweep and mop because depending on the team that would come, that wouldn't get done and our floors around still be gross.
We had everything moved and off the floor. We were going to mop when Lacy sprayed me with the water bottle. This started a water war! Water bottles were used. I went to the sink and sprayed her with the hose! It was so fun! We were soaked but the floors were cleaned! Hahaha

Renee came in one time on her day off around 8:45pm. We were getting ready to close. He was drunk off her butt and was going to cut her boyfriend's hair...

Amy would come to work high after lunch. She always cut hair better after lunch... Funny how that works.

I was the only one that didn't smoke that worked there. Every other haircut it seemed they would go out for a smoke break. So I decided I was going to do that also. I would go stand outside for about 5 minutes ever other haircut. When they asked me what I was going I would say "i'm taking my smoke break" I loved hearing "Gina, you don't smoke." i would tell them how annoying it was for them to leave every 20 minutes for a break. That if yet wanted to smoke then do it on lunch and on the 2 breaks they get for working and 8 hour shift!

Most of my clients were kids under the age of 10, old people that were in their 70's or gays. It was a party.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love Notes

Spencer wrote a love note on my foot. He's sweet... Or a turd!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Memory Monday - Christmas

Monday.... It's been a while...

So this memory Monday is going to be about Christmas.
Christmas was a big deal at our house. We didn't do birthdays. 
Mom would shop all year for Christmas. 

We open presents youngest to oldest. So Kyle and I would open together, Adam and Garen, Dedra and Heather, Ryan and Wendi, Mom and Dad. We had out spots in te living room. And on Christmas eve mom would tack a sheet up over the hall way so we couldn't peek. The we would all try to sleep with our head poking out of our doorways. There were many times Mom would give us a sleeping pill or tea to help us sleep. Haha.
One year we all got skates from Santa. As soon as I opened mine I thanked Mom. The said "...I mean Santa" Dedra and Heather didn't want to go play with outside. (It was Washington. No snow and not that cold.) So they skated in the kitchen while the rest of us were in the drive way. 

Another year we all got bikes. We went to the school and played. It was so fun.

I got baby dolls one year... We poked out the eyes and taped them to out foreheads and told mom we were aliens. We were brutal to those dolls. Mom said we were killers in training. 

After Dedra was Married Mom would send us to her house and we could come home in the morning. That way they could sort the presents and go to bed early with out having to fight the kids. Haha. It was always a party at Dedra's house.

The Christmas I got my midnight blue Ren cape Mom was so excited she told Kyle and I we could open a present on Christmas eve. She picked the ones we could open. She grabbed the wrong one for me. She swore and then told us we could open 1 more because mom wanted me to open a specific one. She got it right the second time. 
Kyle tried to talk Mom and Dad into opening them all at midnight. He was told no. We went to sleep. In the Morning Mom came and woke us up at 6. At 8 Dad came down the hall pounding on the walls saying "Let's Rock N Roll!"  when we came down the hall (Kyle and I were the only ones at home at this point) Mom told us that it was more fun when we were kids and we would wake her up. Hahaha.

I haven't been home for Christmas in a couple of years. Last Christmas I spent with Spencer's family. When Mati wouldn't get up Sam started playing revelry on the trumpet. Then Calli sent me up stairs to walk down with the other kids. They go in birth order. I am older than Spencer so I was at the back of the line! It was so different going from being one of the youngest kids to being the oldest. I wanted to stand by Hannah and Olivia. That's my place at my house. Haha. It was a really fun day. I loved watching everyone open their gifts. It's a free for all at Spencer's house. It was so neat!

Happy Monday. :)