Monday, May 30, 2011

Memory Monday - The Festivals

Monday Monday da da da da da da, so good to me... Every other day (every other day) every other day if the week is fine. Yeah. But when ever Monday comes.... Okay no more singing. On to the reason for this post. It's Memory Monday! I am going to tell you some fun stories about the markets and festivals! WOOT! 

Last year I went home for the 4th of July festival. I was home for about a week. Dad, Dedra, Kyle and I worked the show in Oak Harbor. It was so fun. Dedra and I pretended to be rock'm sock'm robots. Dad had to tell us to stop the "grab a**" haha We call it "grab donkey" haha. That just makes us more silly.  We pretended to eat the cotton candy as we were making it. We would randomly bust a move. (we are amazing dancers) I love the 4th of July show!

We were at Fireworks on the Fjord in Poulsbo. Darren, the fish guy was a couple of booths down from us. He would never be in his own booth! He would always be taking drinks from us or eating our food. He would tell us to get back to work when he wasn't doing anything. He was fun.

One time at the fair in Elma he was over at our booth before the show had really got going. Heather was making her a drink. Diet Coke with lime, heaven be thy name! Darren's drink looked like Heather's and his was already made. So I took a big drink of his drink. I then look at him in disbelief! It was 10am!!! There was rum in the drink! He laughed and chugged the rest. I left to brush my teeth again. It was lame and funny at the same time.

At the Kitsap County Fair we had the big kitchen in the building with all the commercial vendors. It was cool ish. Dedra and I were working and she had the front end. We had been writing "Cin" for cinnamon sugar and "pow" for powdered sugar on the tickets. Some lady ordered a cake with both. Dedra came in the kitchen and said "it's Cin-pow" as she said this she reached to grab my shirt (stealing is a sin- she accidentally grabbed my boob- still a sin) then punched me for the pow! It was special. Haha. 

At this same show Dedra and I were telling each other things that we invented. Haha. She said I invented cotton candy machines. I said "well I invented cotton candy. You kept eating your shirt and I figured there had to be a better way" haha.

There have been people at these shows that have been less then... nice. We'll go with that. We don't know their names but if you ask any member of my family who the Toothless Wench or the Fat Basturd are, they could tell you. It seemed for years that they were trying to ruin our lives. She got dad kicked off a parade rout in Marysville one time and The Cop walked him back to our booth. When he got there I asked " was it the toothless wench?" the cop laughed and said "that's what he called her!" anyway back to the story! They had a booth just around the corner from us. Some how Dedra was able to make nice with them. Don't ask me how because I don't know. They ended up giving us a bunch of pudding at the end if the show for some odd reason. On the way home that night dad said "roll down your window" I did. "Now pick up the pudding" Odd, but I did it. "Now see if you can hit the mailboxes." haha no joke my FATHER was telling me to throw pudding at the mailboxes. Haha Good times! My aim was bad. His wasn't. He's had more practice. (Dad this is not ridicule. It praise!) 

Lango's are Hungarian Elephant Ears. It was Katrina and Micky that ran that booth. Katrina was talking with us as her husband was out front talking with Dad. She pointed at Micky and said in a thick accent "do you see that fat, ugly old man? He wasn't fat, ugly or old when I married him." (Micky was neither fat or ugly.) Katrina another time helped Dedra with a sunburn she had. She gave Dedra a spray to put on the burn "here, it comes from my country. Not legal in US" haha! It worked very well though!

At some of the shows, when slow we would take naps in the "office" also known as under a table. Haha. We also had "company stationary" also known as Paper plates. Haha

At random shows the entertainment would be a hypnotist. Dedra was Brittany Spears and danced like a crazy person! I was miss piggy with all the attitude that goes with her. I also was able to dance and sing like I was the next American Idol at one show. I belted my song and everyone was shocked. It was so funny!

Dedra and I got henna tattoos on our feet that matched one year at Whaling Days. I'd gotten henna done a couple times in Marysville. It'd been years though.

When shopping for the shows we'd hit Costco and Cash n Carry. We knew the workers by name at Cash n Carry! Robert would always get on my case about climbing the shelves. He would say "here comes trouble" when Mom and I would walk in. I heart him. When Dad told him she died he got teary. We've known Robert for a good 13 years.

There was one time at Whaling Days that some brat ran between the booths and bumped our table that had the oil on it. The table fell and oil hit the back if my leg. Thankfully the oil wasn't all the way up to heat yet. It ruined my pants and I got to go to the ER for burns. :) It's funny how with the candy, funnel cakes and us just being stupid we don't all look like the burn victims we should. I have a small scar on my upper thigh. Dedra has one one her toe... But thats really it and both of those were from the candy.

Another year at Whaling Days Dedra and I made Mom go on the big slide with us. She was trying everything to get out of it! Then when the time came she was hating life. She wanted to go last when walking up the stairs. (Mom missed a lot of cool things because she was scared. "it's too high" BS! We weren't going to let it happen again!) We made mom go first! Then me then Dedra. The whole way up she kept saying she wanted to go back. We told her the only way down was on the slide! We had Dad take our pictures as we came down. It was awesome!

The logger rodeo in Seqhim, Wa was always the second weekend in May. My birthday is the 8th. The MC guy would announce to the show goers that they should go get a funnel cake and wish me a happy birthday over the big speakers every hour. That started when I was 12 and he did it every year til I was 21. (That's when I moved to Utah) 

We would meet crazy people all the time. There is the lady in Elma that would eat the whole funnel cake and then try to return it saying she didn't like it. Every year she tried this! Then Paul who was Asian would greet you with "howdy partner"in a thick Asian accent. The ice cream lady... Her name is Kim. She is a nut job! I'm not going into that one...

 There was one summer that mom would give a trophy to the employee of the show. She would give it to herself every show. To Charlet from Charlet you're the best!

The shows taught us that sleep wasn't needed. If you had a Mountain Dew you were fine. That Once you found your rhythm you can work for HOURS with out stopping. Hard work is something you can still do when tired and hardly able to move. It's all in your head. You can still do it! 

I loathed and loved the festivals. As I wrote this out I laughed so had remembering things that I had tears running down my face. Oh they were some good times. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Walking to the store
Bad Idea: wearing shoes that rub wrong on you ankle because you weren't wearing the right kind of socks. 

Good Idea: laughing with a person on the bus that was cool and you'd cut his hair a few weeks before.
Bad Idea: his name no joke being John Thomas (from Pleasant Grove haha) and he asks for your number... (ALL KINDS OF AWKWARD... and funny)

Good Idea: calling your brother 9 times  and sending him 25 text messages with In 15 minutes.
Bad Idea: not realizing its a company phone and he could get in trouble... (sorry Ryan)

Good Idea: singing while at work to pass the time
Bad Idea: not realizing the song you are singing is a love song and the creeper guy in your chair ends up asking you out because you "sang it for him" (I said no. Ewww) 

Good Idea: Going to bed early in hopes that you'll catch a few extra hours of sleep.
Bad Idea: not getting more than 3 hours of sleep a night for 2 weeks now no matter what time you go to bed!

Good Idea: Gina
Bad Idea: Dedra

Good Idea: going to the beach with your Dad
Bad Idea: writing lies in the sand (Dedra. Guilty.)

Good Idea: Working on puzzles
Bad Idea: Dedra teasing Spencer and I for working on puzzles. (RUDE!)

Good Idea: socks
Bad Idea: shoes

Good Idea: spending time with someone you love. 
Bad Idea: midnight... Is always comes too soon. (RUDE!)

Good Idea: Ryan doing good idea bad idea on his blog.
Bad Idea: Ryan not getting a blog sooner!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

You asked for it!!!

I just got off the phone with Dedra. She told me to update my blog. Well Dedra, you asked for it!

Dedra, STOP BOSSING ME! You Know this is what I do when you force me to update. Why do you do this to yourself? Seriously! Muhahaha!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Story - Time Out

I just got a text from my very nice and not bossy sister Dedra. (SHE IS BOSSY!!!) She said I needed to do my Tuesday story! Well I have one for you.

So after Spencer's class he came over. We were listening to music as he worked on the puzzle and I played games on his phone. Spencer decided to start changeling words to the song. He stated adding the word "booger" to River of Dreams by: Billy Joel. I find that word to be one of the grossed words EVER! I get up and walk to my room. I was shunning Spencer for being rotten! He got up turned the light off in my room and closed the door as he said "You're in time out young lady." I said "WHAT!" as I followed him. He laughed and said "I knew that would get you out." I couldn't believe I was played so easily! RUDE! 

I walk back in my room and call my sister. I tell her what had just taken place. We both laugh. We talk for a bit and she reminded me of something I'd done before. We then put a slight twist. Haha. I get up and close my door. I quickly change my clothes! I put in leggings, my tutu, a crown, and 2 feathered boas! I put my hair in pig tails. I grabbed the toys that I let Sophie play with then she's here and set them up to start playing. 

After a few minutes of my door being closed Spencer knocks. The door opens and he's standing in the door way. I look up from my toys and say "Can I be out of time out now?" He smiles and says "No." as he starts to close my door. It was to funny!!!

I am out of time out now! I changed my clothes back and am now writing my story.

That is my Tuesday story. Haha

Monday, May 23, 2011

Memory Monday - Ryan!

So it's Monday again. Dedra and I decided a few days ago that we were going to make this Memory Monday about out "awesome" brother Ryan. All of the things you will read are true. Most of the things were traumatizing. All of them are awesome memories!

When Ryan got home from his mission I was 7. We lived in a small house and there were A LOT of people living there. I shared a room with Ryan. He worked at a hotel as a night auditor. He would get home a couple of hours before I had to be up for school. There was only one bed in our room but it was a queen. He'd plop down on the bed to try and get some sleep before he had to go to class. I would some times try and cuddle. I was 7! He was the best big brother ever. He never told me to move over. He would put his arm around me and thank me for keeping the bed warm. Maybe that's ONE of the reasons he doesn't let his kids sleep in his bed with him. Haha

Ryan was the WORST babysitter ever! When Mom and Dad would leave he would one if two games. Sometimes both if he was in a "playful" mood. One of the games was call "dodge my feet" How do you play you ask? Oh Ryan holds you up side down by your ankles agents a wall and says "dodge me feet" as he tries to kick you! The other game was "be quiet or you'll sit on the fridge." I am 15 years younger than Ryan. I was 3-4 when he's use sitting on the fridge as a babysitting tactic. I was so scared I wouldn't move. I would cry. He was so mean! Haha 

Another game Ryan liked to play was "call the song" if he asked you to call the song you had to know the artist and/or the song tittle. If not you were walking! There were many times growing up that we had to walk. Haha If we were with in 4 miles of the house we weren't safe! Haha 
********************side note********************
Ryan was playing Encore with his friend and was kicking everyones butt. (I think I was 7) I made up my mind right then and there I was going to beat him at this game. I was 21 and we were playing it at Ensign Ranch. It took 14 years but I did it!!!

When Ryan was telling the kids he was getting married he took us aside so it wasn't a huge thing. It was personal and HE told you. He took Kyle and I to the Zoo in Sequim, Washington. I was 9 and Kyle was 6. We had lunch and got ice cream. My favorite part was when Rhonda got licked by a Buffalo! Haha good times. 

There was one time when I was 8 that he tried to trick me into cleaning out his car. I didn't want to! So when I went inside because I was done doing something I didn't want to do in the first place, he said I had to finish! I was so upset! I ended up finishing but it was a lousy job. Haha

I was 4. I had skinned my knee. I was in Mom's bathroom crying and cleaning it up. Ryan came in and told me that if I put tape on it that the tape would turn to skin in just a few days... I did use the tape he brought in. I crumpled up some toilet paper and tapped it to my knee. We didn't have bandaids. 

Oh! This happened a couple of years ago. I was home for Ensign Ranch. It was my first trip back home since I'd moved to Utah. We were playing with the BB guns at his house and I called Ryan a bad word that starts with an "A". He point blank shot me in the back of my leg! We were leaving when it happened. Well Ryan, that BB tore my pants and broke the skin. I ended up making cut offs out of them because I had blood all over the one leg. Thanks! You are a Ferguson! Haha (I know I had it coming)

I have 3 older brothers and Ryan is the oldest. He is awesome. I love when he comes to Utah and I get to go to dinner with him. I love when I am home and get to see him and his family. The silly things done as kids and as adults have created memories I wouldn't trade for anything. He is an awesome big brother that I know I can count on. I love you. Ryan! You only stink sometimes. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: leaving on a mission
Bad Idea: being from Vernal Utah (Sam said so)

Good Idea: using the restroom, washing your hands and then returning out side. 
Bad Idea: only stopping to pee on a tree then going back to playing. (Welcome to Vernal) 

Good Idea: Running a marathon
Bad Idea: Best Idea: wearing the medals you won everywhere you go! (Really seeing this makes me smile every time. Yay Sam)

Good Idea: Making your blog private so unwanted eyes won't be reading.
Bad Idea: being one of the unwanted.

Good Idea: brushing your teeth after you eat
Bad Idea: getting strange looks from people you don't know as you brush your teeth in their home. :)

Good Idea: Having a "Wow" experience and being so excited to go to work each day!!!
Bad Idea: Craig's Cuts

Good Idea: Going on a day trip!!!
Bad Idea: I have no "Bad Idea" for this one. Day trips make me happy! Plus Spencer and his family are fun. :)

Good Idea: Washington and Oregon
Bad Idea: Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico

Good Idea: Going to a missionary farewell.
Bad Idea: wearing pantyhose all day. MUCHO BAD IDEA! (I'll be home soon and shall take then off.) 

Good Idea: writing your "good idea bad idea" blog post 
Bad Idea: writing it in the car. (I seriously feel like I may vomit!)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The ghettoness of Craig's

The sink: The sink had a leak in the hose. Rather than spending the $3 for a new hose they used electrical tape to "fix" it. Not only does is still leak it now makes more of a mess. 

The chairs: The vinyl is cracking! The fluff is exposed and the hair sticks to it. Gross! They also need some WD40. they squeak really bad when you pump up or lower the chair. 

The floors: No matter how many times we sweep the floor is gross. They look dirty even after we mop. It's sad really.

The break room: The door doesn't close. It is too big and was hung crooked... Craig is a master craftsman. Also he hung blinds over the hole in the wall so you couldn't see in. Then when hanging these blinds he informed the stylists that he was doing "real work" that what we do wasn't. Lets see him stand for 10 hours a day being nice to gross people, bending in weird ways to get the right angle to cut the hair, using muscles in his arms, shoulders, back, hands, wrists and legs he probably doesn't know he has. Doing what he expects us to do with a smile on our faces and then say it's not "real work" He is an A**!!!

You'd think with how much they preach to us about giving a "Wow" experience they'd want nicer things or even things that work in the shop... Well shows what I know.

I am so thankful for my Craig's Cuts experience. Trust me it's been a "Wow" for me! Because Wow, I've worked here a year and still haven't shanked Craig. Not from lack of wanting or chances. Just for the fact that he's not worth the effort or jail time.   

This place isn't all bad. I work with amazing ladies that I love very much. We really watch out for each other. We can speak freely with each other. We are aware of each other's feelings. They are great people that I can call my friends. If the only positive thing I take from working at Craig's is meeting them, then I'm the winner.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mothers Day

I feel that I can now post about Mother's Day. I have some random pictures that I love and want to share.

This is My Mom. Charlet Ann Price Anderson. I know that every person can say that their Mom was Crazy. Mine Really was. She was a parent, friend, and someone that couldn't keep a secret to save your life.

When you could catch her actually smiling it was a treat. She had an amazing laugh that I miss everyday.

This is a 4 generation Picture of Grandma Calaway, Grandma Price, Mom and Wendi. I cry when I look at this picture because I cant even take a two generation picture. I love it though because these are 4 amazing ladies.

These are my Parents. I took this picture. Mom is smiling because Kyle and I were threatening to tell fart jokes. Dad wasn't thrilled. You can see it on his face. haha

*kissy kissy*

We went to Kansas to visit Dedra. I love this picture because Mom never liked being in front of the camera. It was rare and nice when we could catch her being silly on film.

The ONLY time Mom ever was on a ride at a fair! Dedra and I had to push her up the stairs the whole way. She doesn't like high places. She doesn't like slides. She HATES rides and yet... WE WIN!

We were showing Mom out tricks and she couldn't do it. She stuck the spoon up her glasses and said "see I did it." it was so funny! 

She told Dad to "stop taking my damn picture" It made me happy.

Mom Laughed with her whole Body. Again, I cant tell you what an awesome laugh she had! 

Dedra and I would always sing "Opera" together. It was loud, off key and SO BAD! Now every time we try to sing together we cant stay on key. Mom was trying to help us. We sang for Matthew's baptism. We did okay... ish.

We found out Mom had cancer on May 9, 2006. We were 3 months into chemo in this picture. I would take every Monday off so I would be there with Mom during chemo.

Even though she was so sick she never lost her flair. She was still every bit as much the spit fire she always was.

My Mom Died February 25, 2010
The Cancer came back and 3 weeks after we found out she was gone.

Even though she cant tell me to stop being a "little shit" or to quit my "damn bawling" I know she wants to. I miss her more than I can say and would give anything to hear her swear at me. I love her. She knows that. I will get to see her again. I know this. I am thankful everyday that I am part of an eternal family. 

Happy Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Tuesday Story - 7 miles later...

Tuesdays used to be the bane of my existence but no more!!! With the recent developments with Craig's Cuts aka HELL ON EARTH I no longer have to deal with $5 days! YAY! 

They have cut everyone's hours because of school being out. All the college kids are going home so they don't need anyone full time or so they tell us. HA! 

I am looking for another job. I still kinda need full time hours. Craig's isn't offering that for anyone right now. BECAUSE THEY SUCK.

So my story today is:
I had a tift with my roommate this morning... Oh the high school drama! I long for a place of my own.
 I walked to the Provo library. (5 miles) I filled out applications, placed my resume and printed out several copies so I can place more tomorrow. 
I then walked to Spencer's house (0.4 mile) I visited with him for a few minutes. He had TONS of reading for his class so I didn't stay long.
I walked from Spencer's house to Katie's house. (1.6 miles) we had lunch, watched a movie and talked. 
At 7 Spencer came and picked me up. He and I went to dinner. Then we just hung out at my apartment.(He drove haha)

So my Tuesday story isn't out landish. My day doesn't really stand out. I got to spend the afternoon with my best friend. I got to go on a fun date with my boyfriend. It may not have stood out but it is a day I'm proud to write in my journal and also share with you. :)

Maybe next Tuesday I'm reverse a natural disaster then take a nap. Who knows? :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Memory Monday - The Candy

There are so many things I could write about the candy. I could tell you how much we hated it. I could tell you that we missed school for it. I could tell you how the smell of sugar in the air as i was walking home from the bus stop made me walk slower. I could tell you how the thought of Saturday made me Ill. 
I could also tell you that the song 9-5 by Dolly Parton warms my heart and makes me laugh. I could tell you that I am close with my siblings because we worked long hours together. We would laugh so hard we would cry. We would cry from exhaustion til we would laugh. As much as we hated the candy, we have some amazing memories because of it.

I was 7 the first time I got to ride in a police car and it wasn't the last time. 
The security guards at several outlet malls have been toyed with. We were sneaky and they could never find us but we always knew right where that were. That's called team work. We have been kicked out of stores and towns by frustrated people that couldn't believe that the mouthy 10 year old wasn't intimidated and would still look them in the eyes. I have walked the main street of every major town in Washington by the time I was 10. How many people can say that?

One of our selling trips/ vacations we drove to Utah. I was 5. We were at the BYU bookstore. I think Heather was supposed to be watching me. I was bored and started walking to the car the way we came in. I was standing at the drop off in front of the Wilk. I decided I wanted to try directing traffic. In the mind of a 5 year old I was going great! The cars were listening to me and there were no accidents. I was doing my job right. Haha. Mom was relieved and ANGREY when she found me. I was in huge amounts of trouble!

Another time we were leaving early on a Saturday morning. Mom was rushing us because we were going far and had to be there between 9 and 10. Once we got there and we are getting teams set and routs picked I tell Mom I forgot my shoes. We were in such a rush and I didn't even notice til we got there... She wasn't happy... Hahaha

When I was 7 I got my ears pierced. We were coming to the end of the selling day ish and Dedra thought I should get my ears done. The first place we went to the lady had 15 piercings in each ear. I was so scared that I worked myself up to a vomit. I was crying and couldn't breathe. It was bad. We left. The second place an old mean grandma lady sat me down, told me I wasn't allowed to cry and took a pen to color on my ear lobes. She drew a dot on each of my ears and checked if they were even. She then showed me the GUN and said I had to hold still. Two painful quick pinches later I had pierced ears. Adam told me they were ugly and I had to take them out. I didn't listen. 

One of my most favorite stories. I was 8 or 9 I think. I had been talking in a british accent all afternoon. Some lady in a flower shop said my accent was amazing and asked where I was from. I dropped the accent and said "Bremerton" Dedra was so embarrassed! Hahaha 

That's my Memory Monday for this week.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011

17 years ago I was baptized. My brother Ryan had been home from his mission for about a year. Not thinking that this would hurt my Dad's feelings, I asked if Ryan could do it.

The water was cold. Ryan said the prayer wrong and I had to be dunked twice. (I grabbed his tie the second time. He came down with me!) The dress I wore after was red with tiny white hearts on it. If you just glanced they looked like pokie dots. 

So I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for 17 years. I'm glad I made that choice.

October 9, 2010
Spencer and I were able to the Temple with Ryan's ward. We did baptisms for the dead. My Dad and sister were able to be there too. My Das was finally able to baptize me. My sister Dedra was the one who handed me my towel. I was so thankful for that. It was 16 1/2 years in the making! My dad and I got teary eyed. It was an amazing moment.

I am so thankful for the blessings that being a member of this church has brought me. I am so thankful for the Temple and that my family is sealed for time and eternity. I look forward to the day when I can go through the Temple. I am thankful for the covenants that I was able to make 17 years ago today. I am thankful for the knowledge that when I pray that my Heavenly Father hears and answers. I know that this church is true. I know I am where I am supposed to be. I am thankful for the scriptures and how they guide me. I know the things in these books were saved of our day. I love my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I know that the Savior suffered in the garden and on the cross for the sins of the world. I am so thankful for the Atonement. And I say these things in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today is a good day.

Good Idea Bad Idea

So I caved... It was my one day protest. Spencer has been texted, called, pleaded with, harrassed and still won't post. I have things I want to post so I'm going to!!

Good Idea: Updating your blog
Bad Idea: Not updating your blog. (SPENCER UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!! Please)

Good Idea: blog stalking
Bad Idea: blogger being down for 2 days. RUDE!

Good Idea: making cinnamon rolls.
Bad Idea: Spencer not taking them home with him.

Good Idea: going for a walk
Better Idea: walking in the rain during a light thunderstorm. LOVE!

Good Idea: expressing how you feel.
Bad Idea: expressing said feelings with your fist and someone's face... 

Good Idea: doing your laundry
Bad Idea: not folding your clothes for a long time so your dresser is empty and all your clothes are in a pile at the foot of your bed... Guilty

Good Idea: practicing the piano
Bad Idea: sitting on the couch looking at the piano debating whether you should get up or not.

Good Idea: being pantless
Bad Idea: wearing pants

Friday, May 13, 2011

Squaw no post'um!

Dedra said that because I now have a way to post often that I am now being held to a higher standard... HA! Did you not read my last post? My last post was nothing but fluff from a mind not functioning. There was no substance and I sounded like an airhead. I am not going to post anymore unless I have something of note or I have a story that I want to share. There will be the random Memory Monday or Good Idea Bad Idea. 

Or better yet!!! So for all you bossy people that keep telling me to post more, here's the deal. I'll post again when Spencer posts next! So until then, Squaw no post'um! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things I shouldn't do...

So I am a fan of ramblings and randomness. The two go hand in hand. I happen to be suffering from sleep depravation and feel the need to ramble about random nothingness. This is something I should never do! Haha Other things I shouldn't do are:

1. Write things on my blog with out proof reading. I say stupid things or I have many typos... I should work on that. I will go back sometimes and reread the things I write... oh how I sound like an airhead!

2. Swear at my boss. I have yet to do this. I would like to do this. I have to remind myself daily that I need this job. That I can't burn this bridge until I have crossed another. I am working on this.

3. Murder my roommates. My Mom taught me to clean up after myself. Is it really that hard to take out the trash? The dishes needed help getting dirty. They need help getting clean too! Seriously! Spencer helps me more than the people I live with! He is my sanity. If it weren't for him I'd have killed roommates long ago.

So my Tuesday story... Aren't you so excited!

I don't have one! Oh wait... I was so out of it today. It was 20 minutes til closing and I was sort of cleaning up... Ish. I had just rinsed my combs and turned to get a towel. Me being unaware as I was of everything going on around me turned the wrong way and walked into the doorway of the break room. Luckily no one saw this. (so naturally I feel the need to post it on my blog...) I felt like such a dork. Yet sadly that was the high light of work until Spencer showed up.

I cut Spencer's hair today. That made me happy.

I made BBQ chicken for dinner.

I still haven't folded my laundry. I don't think that will happen tomorrow either. 

I am in the 113 section of D&C in my personal study. 

I have a crazy plan I want to put into motion. I don't think Mom would love this plan. (I LOVE THIS PLAN) I would like to hear what she would tell me... 

I really have nothing to say. I am just typing what ever comes to mind.... and right now my mind isn't working so this post is a special treat!

Dedra, make me a treat! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Memory Monday - First date with Spencer

So it's Monday again! Yay Monday! Haha

So last Memory Monday I posted some of my firsts. I think I want to stick with that. I am going to tell you about my first date with Spencer.

We have an awesome friend named Derek. Derek was in my ward when I moved to Utah this last time and Spencer has known him since High School.

July 16, 2010
I get a phone call from Derek saying "Gina! We want to offer you Sauce!" (a nick name Spencer has had since high school) Derek called Spencer and said something pretty close to that about me.
In my journal it says "they are setting me up on a blind date... I'm scared"

July 17, 2010
Today is the day! I was scared out of my mind! The last guy I'd gone out with, we'll... Let's just say it didn't work out. 
"Sauce" and Theron knock on my door. It was a group date. Derek with River, Rachel with Theron, and "Sauce" with me. 
Derek and River went down the hall for a few minutes to we could all talk. Haha! I was siting on the couch. Spencer sat on the other couch but we were at the same end. I look at Theron who was sitting on the floor by the door and say "So you, tell the class a little about yourself." He started talking about Math and how he lived for it... I then say "Okay so you are no longer allowed to talk around me. You have lost all speaking privileges" This not being intimidating... Haha I turn to Spencer and say "Okay your turn"

We were driving to Trafalga and we passed some people having car trouble and the boys saved the day! 
Once we got to Trafalga we played mini golf. Derek is super competitive and was keeping score. I tore up the score card and then the fun began! We started placing bets! I thought Spencer was really nice and way cute. I said if he could get a whole in one that I would make him dinner later in the week. He'd been kicking out butts anyway and totally made the shot! I was very pleased. 

After mini golf we went to dinner at China Lilly. It was good and the conversation was good too. I was digging on how shy Spencer was. It was adorable how he'd blush when talking. He was just so cute!

We all came back to my house for rootbeer floats and watched 'Cars' I'd never seen it before. I was sad when Spencer didn't sit by me when we watched the movie. :( I thought that I'd again like someone who didn't like me back. Haha STORY OF MY LIFE!!! 

So that was our first date. It was about as Mormon as they come. It was really fun. 

In my journal I wrote:
"I think I scared the guy! I don't think I'll get to go out with him again because I'm intense. Sad Day. It was a really fun evening though."

I did see him again though! Muhahaha! He came over for dinner a few days later. Then nothing til Derek and River got married. Now almost 9 months later... I'm pretty sure I'll keep him. I love him a lot. 

Do NOT's of getting your hair cut part2

"Not too short but not too long" what does that mean? How short is too short? How long is too long? I have no idea. It is different for every person. Please people, we need a little more than that!

HOLD STILL! I don't care if you are 2 or 92. Hold still. If your child won't hold still please don't be mad if we can't get everything. It's hard to hit a moving target. If you are an adult, you have NO excuse to be wiggling. Kids have some excuse but once you are 3-3 1/2, you should be able to sit still for 10 minutes. 
I had a kid in my chair today that was 13 and wouldn't hold still. He was wiggling so much I missed the comb and had to take his hair MUCH shorter than what his Mom wanted. It's very frustrating.

Don't tell me how you want your hair cut and then change your mind 50 times. One cut per customer please! I don't want to cut your hair over and over again. There is a kid named Jeremy that comes in ever 3 weeks. I always cut his hair. I will cut it at least 10 different ways before he leaves. He'll tell me, I cut it like he says and then he changes his mind. It makes me frustrated. I can do 3-4 haircuts in the time it takes me to cut his hair! Arg! He is always please and says he's coming back to me. That is great, other than I don't like him.

If you like your haircut, please tip your stylist. That's where we make our money. If you go to a restaurant and like your server you tip them right? It's the same with a stylist. Also, please don't ask us for change for a $100 and then walk out with out tipping. We know you have the money! Don't tell us it's the best haircut ever and not tip us too. That hurts our feelings. "hey you did great but you're not worth the extra $2" Well thanks buddy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My non Mother's Day post

I thought Dedra said it best on her blog do I am going to copy part of it.

"I'm not in the mood to listen to Mother's Day talks. I don't really want to hear how great everyone's mother is and all the super fantastic things they do. So here's how it's going to go down. I'm going to take a super soaker with me to church tomorrow. (A really big water gun.) I might even get the backpack the holds extra water. Then I'll sit in the front row of the chapel and as each speaker talks about how awesome their Mom is, I'll squirt them in the face. Gurgling talking will take place. When it's over, I'll go to the next class and act as though nothing out of the ordinary happened."

So I am not going to Church today. I will go next week. I don't want to be grumpy with people that have done nothing wrong just because I miss my Mom. So happy birthday to me! I am staying home!

I have plans for a real Mother's day post. It's just going to be late.

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Bringing your lunch from home so you don't spend money at work.
Bad Idea: Being the only one who does that and having no one to trade with. Also when they order food I want some but can't partake. 

Good Idea: Cheese Its 
Bad Idea: being out of Cheese Its

Good Idea: Going to Church.
Bad Idea: Bringing a soda with you and opening it in the middle of testimony meeting!

Good Idea: Going to the gym and riding and exercise bike for over an hour. (awesome cardio!)
 Bad Idea: Falling off said bike. (Dedra)

Good Idea: Getting tips
Bad Idea: Getting tips from Dedra. (No I will not play in the road or eat a yellow snow cone.) 

Good Idea: walking to and from work for the exercise.
Bad Idea: Eating cookies on these walks 

Good Idea: Talking on the phone with a friend you've not talked to in a while.
Bad Idea: reverting back to the teenager you were when you were friends and planning things that could land you in real jail not the pretend kind of our youth! Haha

Good Idea: Going to a Nuskin party that your friend invited you to.
Bad Idea: only going because it's held in Donny Osmond's neighborhood. 

Good Idea: Putting the cat in a tube sock to see what it would do.
Bad Idea: letting it out!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Memory Monday - on Saturday- Firsts

So we are going to take a look at some firsts.

First day of school:
I woke up and walked to school with my brothers. I was excited to be there. They dropped me off at my class and things were good. I only got in trouble twice and Mom only got one phone call. :) 
I think the better story would be day two. I walked again with my brothers but I had to find my class on my own. I couldn't remember where it was. So rather than asking a teacher I walked home. I cried the whole way. When I got home, snack in hand, Mom asked why I was crying and home. I told her. She laughed and said "you could find your way home but not your class!" I was sad then. It's funny now. It was about a mile walk from school to the house. 

First date:
So I would go out with my friends and we'd pair off but I don't count those as dates.
I was talking to my friend Janet and she wanted to set me up with her brother in law. (Janet got married at 16. She and I went to beauty school together) His name was Morgan. He was 6 years older than me.... 
They picked me up and we went to a really crapy restaurant. We then went back to Janet's house to watch a movie. Morgan spilled he beer on me. I asked Janet to take me home. So I got home late and smelled like beer... It was great!

First Time Holding Hands:
There are the times holding your friend's hand because a creeper is following you at the store or whatever. The first time for reals though I was sitting at a movie theatre. The show had just started. My arms were folded and I was leaning kinda away from him. He reached across me and grabbed my hand. He then said "I just wanted to hold your hand." it was seriously one if the cutest things ever. Haha

First Kiss: 
This was all kinds of awkward... I'm embarrassed thinking about it! So he was super cute and asked if he could kiss me. I smiled and said yes. So standing in the parking lot of the Skill Center, I nervously lean in, he leans in too and we missed! So we tried again. We didn't miss the second time. ;) We didn't miss any other time after that either. There is nothing like a first kiss... Haha

First time being pulled over:
I was 18 and on my way home from my friends house. It was almost 11. Some of my friends and I were going to hang out at my house. James gave me his cell. He and Jenelle had hers. We were racing and I was winning. I got pulled over going 60 in a 35. I had almost cried my way out of the ticket. I started laughing before my window was all the way up. He knocked on my window and gave me the ticket. I fought the ticket and won. I got off completely. Muhahaha

These are just a few of my firsts. Haha The ones with funny stories. Also I couldn't think of any other ones. Haha

Monday, May 2, 2011

The do NOT's of getting your hair cut!

When you sit down in your stylist chair to get a haircut and they say "so how are we cutting your hair today?" DONT SAY SHORTER! It's the most annoying thing ever! We know you want your hair shorter! That's why you're here. We can't cut it longer!!! So if you know that you want a 2 on the sides and finger depth on top, say it! 
When we ask how you want you hair cut don't tell us how you style it. That's not what we asked you! 

Also, saying "trim" means nothing! I have seen "trims" where the people get 7 inches cut and "trims" where it's 1/4 inch. 

"It doesn't matter, just cut it how you want" "you're the professional" We are professional. We also could shave your head and not care. So if you want hair when we're done, tell us. "Sure" is not an answer, it's an evasion! "Just cut it the same as last time" WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT WAS!  

Let's talk about talking on your phone. RUDE!!!  We are trying to cut your hair. Being on the phone and acting like  we are the rude one makes me want to cut your ear.

If we are not done with your haircut please don't ask us if we are going to leave it like that. We're not done! If we move you or the chair dont move back. We put you there for a reason. If we do ask you how you style it please don't tell us the product you use. We don't care if it's gell or clay or wax. we want to know the style.

Don't say you're not picky and then question everything we do. It's okay if you're picky. Don't lie to our faces! Also, don't tell me your haircut is quick and easy. Do you cut hair? No? Then how do you know!?

Saying "oh you know" is also something that is annoying! NO WE DON'T KNOW!!! THATS WHY WE ARE ASKING YOU!!! We see so many people everyday. I personally average about 400 haircuts a month. Every person with out fail does one or more of these things. Please know what you want when you come in. If you can, bring a picture. It makes our lives so much easier. Also really look at the picture. If you have thin straight hair don't bring a picture of someone with thick curly hair saying you want that. This is a comb, not a wond! We do what we can but don't expect the impossible. If you don't know and want our advice, listen and answer our questions. We are trying to help you. Not attack you. 

If you have gell in your hair, expect to pay the $2 for a shampoo. If you have an itch let us know. If you move and we aren't expecting it you should expect to lose more hair than you want. Never Ever EVER use the cape to get hair off your face. That is gross! Pull your hand out from under the cape.

I am going to let you all in on a secret. There are only 7 haircuts in the world. Long layers, short layers, elevated, graduated, clipper, vertical and blunt. That's it! There are all kinds of lengths you can have these cuts. There are many ways to style them. You can even mix and match the cuts on the same head of hair. There are still only the 7 cuts. 


"I want length in the back to cover my neck but not a mullet" I'm sorry sir the definition of mullet is short on top and long in the back. I cut this "non-mullet" for this man and he was happy. It was a mullet. You can't have hair 4 inches in the back and 3/4 inch on top with out it being a mullet.

If you can avoid chewing gum when getting your hair cut. Please do so. If you must be chewing gum, please don't chew with your mouth open. I had a man sit in my hair that chewed like a cow and then started gagging when hair got in his mouth. I then started gagging. Not good. I also had a man in my chair that hadn't put his teeth in and was trying to chew his gum. That was one of the grossest things I'm ever seen.

A man walked in and asked for Flynn rider's haircut. He had his 3 little girls with him. He had grown the patch of hair on his chin and was now getting the haircut. His girls were so excited and kept saying he was the best dad ever. It was so cute.

One more thing before I end this rant. If the shop closes in 5 minutes and you come through the door please don't be mad if we are booked and can't take you. Please don't be mad if we just don't take you. We have been here for 10-12 hours and are tired. We have been here all day. We are open for 10-12 hours a day find time. Don't come in 5 minutes before close and ask for a 20 minute service. It's rude! 

Thanks for reading my rant.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My evening... Ken this is for you!

So I called Dedra because I wanted to tell her that I made bread for the first time. Spencer and I made dinner for his family. His parents are out if town this weekend. 

We made pork roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls from scratch. It was so good! It was fun.  It was all of his siblings, Chelsea and me. We are a fun group.

We made cookies too. Spencer, Chris and I were in the kitchen cleaning up and making new messes while everyone else was watching a movie. :) End result was chocolate chip cookies and a clean kitchen. 

So back to Dedra... She didn't answer her phone when I called her. I then called my dad to tell him of Spencer and I and out bread making adventure! (Neither one of us had ever made bread. He had the leg up because at least he'd seen his mom make bread. My Mom never did.) Dedra then calls me 3 times when I was talking to my dad! RUDE!

One if the times that she called she let her husband leave me a 4 minute long voicemail message. If you have ever called my phone and gotten my voicemail you know that I HATE voicemails! I listened to the whole thing. Ken sang me Christmas carols and kept making sounds like things were exploding! My favorite part was that every time he said "BANG" or "BOOM" Dedra would giggle in the back ground! 

I love Dedra and Ken very much. They are both TURDS!!! I wouldn't change them for the world!

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Studying for your finals
Bad Idea: studying the chapter about STD's as hot men walk by.... Awkward (thanks Anya) hahaha

Good Idea: Getting your hair cut
Bad Idea: Saying "I want something new and different" getting a SHORT high stacked A-line and not telling you stylist that you're getting married in 3 weeks. (THAT IS CALLED STUPID)

Good Idea: updating your blog
Bad Idea: not updating your blog (Spencer, UPDATE YOUR BLOG)

Good Idea: meeting new people at church
Bad Idea: getting in trouble for giggling and eating chocolate with your new friend in Relief Society when you are only visiting the ward. Hahaha

Good Idea: texting your friends
Bad Idea: not proof reading said texts... you may have sent dirty things not knowing it til you get their response. (sorry again btw) 

Good Idea: eating your veggies
Bad Idea: counting bacon as a veggie

Good Idea: waking up early