Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mothers Day

I feel that I can now post about Mother's Day. I have some random pictures that I love and want to share.

This is My Mom. Charlet Ann Price Anderson. I know that every person can say that their Mom was Crazy. Mine Really was. She was a parent, friend, and someone that couldn't keep a secret to save your life.

When you could catch her actually smiling it was a treat. She had an amazing laugh that I miss everyday.

This is a 4 generation Picture of Grandma Calaway, Grandma Price, Mom and Wendi. I cry when I look at this picture because I cant even take a two generation picture. I love it though because these are 4 amazing ladies.

These are my Parents. I took this picture. Mom is smiling because Kyle and I were threatening to tell fart jokes. Dad wasn't thrilled. You can see it on his face. haha

*kissy kissy*

We went to Kansas to visit Dedra. I love this picture because Mom never liked being in front of the camera. It was rare and nice when we could catch her being silly on film.

The ONLY time Mom ever was on a ride at a fair! Dedra and I had to push her up the stairs the whole way. She doesn't like high places. She doesn't like slides. She HATES rides and yet... WE WIN!

We were showing Mom out tricks and she couldn't do it. She stuck the spoon up her glasses and said "see I did it." it was so funny! 

She told Dad to "stop taking my damn picture" It made me happy.

Mom Laughed with her whole Body. Again, I cant tell you what an awesome laugh she had! 

Dedra and I would always sing "Opera" together. It was loud, off key and SO BAD! Now every time we try to sing together we cant stay on key. Mom was trying to help us. We sang for Matthew's baptism. We did okay... ish.

We found out Mom had cancer on May 9, 2006. We were 3 months into chemo in this picture. I would take every Monday off so I would be there with Mom during chemo.

Even though she was so sick she never lost her flair. She was still every bit as much the spit fire she always was.

My Mom Died February 25, 2010
The Cancer came back and 3 weeks after we found out she was gone.

Even though she cant tell me to stop being a "little shit" or to quit my "damn bawling" I know she wants to. I miss her more than I can say and would give anything to hear her swear at me. I love her. She knows that. I will get to see her again. I know this. I am thankful everyday that I am part of an eternal family. 

Happy Mother's Day


  1. The more I get to know the cast of your family, the more I wish I would have known your mother. Thank you for sharing and inviting me to your blog. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing about your mom. I'm sorry she passed away. That's super hard. I know, because I lost my mother when I was 14. She's been gone almost 16 years now and I still miss her like mad.