Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Studying for your finals
Bad Idea: studying the chapter about STD's as hot men walk by.... Awkward (thanks Anya) hahaha

Good Idea: Getting your hair cut
Bad Idea: Saying "I want something new and different" getting a SHORT high stacked A-line and not telling you stylist that you're getting married in 3 weeks. (THAT IS CALLED STUPID)

Good Idea: updating your blog
Bad Idea: not updating your blog (Spencer, UPDATE YOUR BLOG)

Good Idea: meeting new people at church
Bad Idea: getting in trouble for giggling and eating chocolate with your new friend in Relief Society when you are only visiting the ward. Hahaha

Good Idea: texting your friends
Bad Idea: not proof reading said texts... you may have sent dirty things not knowing it til you get their response. (sorry again btw) 

Good Idea: eating your veggies
Bad Idea: counting bacon as a veggie

Good Idea: waking up early

1 comment:

  1. bacon is totally a veggie.

    AND, I forgive you about the text. heh heh

    ps, Kate says you're a friend stealer.