Saturday, April 30, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a handsome Prince. He is so handsome that all the girls in the kingdom would fall in love with him. He is so smart that all the people in the royal court ask his advice and help. 

One day the royal Jester decided that the Prince needed a new Princess. The Jester, only knowing common folk, told his friend who is a cook, barber and maid that he would like her to meet the Prince. This young lady was nervous and excited to meet the Prince.

The Prince came to meet this young lady at her home. He was no ordinary Prince. He is a cut above. He didn't have a white Mustang. He has a black Mazda!  (he thinks that the ford mustang has lost it's flair.) He doesn't look down on the people. He works with and acts as an equal. 

When this prince went to meet the lady they were both smitten. The young lady asked the Prince over again for dinner later in the week. After this dinner nothing came of their meeting until the Jester married. After this celebration the Prince and the young lady spent much time together. They found every reason to see each other.

8 months have passed and the two have gotten to know each other very well and have fallen in love. They have traveled long distances to see the girls family. They have worked together during hard times and have truly been there for each other. 

The young lady is a journal keeper. She takes pictures and wants to document her life. She wants to have these things for future generations. She has recently taken to blogging. The Prince has several blogs and never updates them... This makes the girl very sad. 

I found a letter written by the young girl to her Prince.

Dear Darling love of my life,

It saddens me that you haven't updated your blog in such a long time. I want to see the fun and witty things you post. So my love, UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!


So to all of the subjects out there please write to the Prince. Let him know that he should update his blog so the young girl won't have to cry herself to sleep anymore.


  1. I heart this post so much. I wish I would have written it. I may have to take the credit.

  2. No, the previous version of the Mustang had lost its flair. Its latest incarnation is actually quite attractive.

    Why are people so eager to read that weird guy’s ramblings?

  3. Spencer, a Prince doesn't ramble. Plus he's funny and witty. Didn't you read the girl's letter?