Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I woke up, showered and got dressed this morning and was in a rather good mood. I looked out the window and what did i see??? Well not popcorn! Thats for sure!  It was snowing like crazy!!! All I could think was "I am NOT going to work today!!!" I text a coworker and got a ride. (I would have called Spencer but today was his first day of classes! Yay Spencer!)

Work was sort of entertaining. I like to do obnoxious things to make the day pass faster on Tuesdays. I'll talk in different accents. I'll try to work a silly word into every conversation I have. Today, being the busiest day of the week decided I was going to greet every person that walked in with "Hello! Welcome to Craig's!!" I was able to do so also. I had so much fake enthusiasm and cheer that by 10:30 I had every girl working laughing anytime someone walked in. Haha it was awesome!

Worked ended and I was free to go so I did. I don't love $5 day but I love knowing I make my coworkers laugh and have fun when we have to be tortured every Tuesday.

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  1. Not Popcorn! That made me laugh. You don't stink.