Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work a.k.a Hell

Nothing is all bad... If you think about it you could say hell is just a sauna. Right? Anyway...

So best quote today at work came from an old man. I asked if he wanted his eyebrows trimmed he said "no, I have an eyebrow comb over. If you trim them people will know I'm bald."

There was a man in my chair, maybe 25 ish. He would not sit still. I told him I wad going to shave his head if he didn't stop moving. He kept turning my chair so he could look in the mirror. I flat out told him to stop that I need to see not him. He was a butt!

Anya is wonderful. She is one of my favorite coworkers! If I had to be in Hell today at least I was in good company. Haha

Then came my knight in a shiny black Mazda3. He rescued me and took me home. Yay! There was an event at the round table so he couldn't stay. :(

Even though i was in hell most of today and I missed seeing Spencer, it's been productive and fun.

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