Sunday, June 26, 2011

All rolled into one

So it's been a full week since I posted last. I don't love not having Internet. It ruins my life!

Memory Monday - My friend Katie and I had to make the diabetic dessert for the "Senior Saints" dinner when we were 16. We didn't have the baking splenda. We had about 500 packets that Katie stole from her dad. :) After opening all of the packets we were about 1/4 cup short. My mon said to just use sugar. Give the old people a treat. Katie and I weren't too big on killing people (yet) so we came up with a different plan.
We pooled our money and went to Denny's and bought a piece of pie. (The people at Shari's knew us. We didn't want band for life) We then stole all The splenda packets off the tables! Our waiter comes out and says "how come every time I turn around I hear sugar packets shufflin'?" Katie and I then emptied our pockets and explained what we were doing. He went in the back and brought out a big bucket of splenda packets and said we could take as much as we needed! 
We didnt have money for a tip so we left a full subway card and Pass along card. Oh and just so you know, the brownies we made were gross. The moral of the story is USE SUGAR!

Tuesday - I again have no story. Work was rather uneventful. I didn't see Spencer and it was so hot out side I wanted to cry.

Wednesday - Dave (My boss) closed the shop with me. He worked the front desk while I cut hair. Things he'd claimed I'd done he had to do. Such as turn customers away because we were booked for the evening. He was sweet justice! He also said as we were cleaning up that he couldn't believe how great I was. Haha I don't know why he was so shocked but what ever. In the bulk email with the next work schedule he added
"Standing Ovation for Gina. As the only stylist for three hours in Orem I was amazed how many quality cuts she provided while providing a personal experience to each client. And the seven steps every time too! Big hand for Gina!"
Guess who got full time hours again! Better yet, guess who's quitting! OH THAT'S ME! Muhahaha!!!

Thursday - ......... I don't know

Friday - Spent the evening with Spencer. I sure do heart him. 

Saturday - We went to Ikea in the morning. Then had a fun date that night. We went to dinner and then a late showing of Cars 2. It was really fun.

Sunday - 

Good Idea- going on vacation
Bad Idea- Not telling all your kids and also not having cell coverage. RUDE! (Dad, Guilty!)

Good Idea- Ikea
Bad Idea- not renting a uhaul when going

Good Idea- fun dates with Spencer
Bad Idea- there is no bad idea for this one

Good Idea- 70 degrees with overcast
Bad Idea- This 90 degrees with no clouds crap we've been having! (...oh how I miss Washington...)

Good Idea- packing all your things up before you move.
Bad Idea- wanting to move now because you are living out of boxes... (I was overly motivated when packing)

Good Idea- taking naps
Bad Idea- wearing pants (I don't know why I think pants are a bad idea. I just don't like wearing them! Viva No Pants!)

Good Idea- having a night light when you're scared of the dark.
Bad Idea- taking down all of your glow in the dark stars because your moving. (I know I'm 25 and that I shouldn't be scared of the dark but my room is scary now. I can't wait to move so I'll have my night light again!)

This was my week! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: styling your hair
Bad Idea: aloe Vera gel... It's not sticky 

Good Idea: moving into a new place that is all my own!
Bad Idea: roommates. (that's why I'm moving. Haha!)

Good Idea: ironing your table cloth
Bad Idea: using the table ad your ironing board

Good Idea: having a calling in primary
Bad Idea: crying every time a kid turns 12

Good Idea: having a fun lunch date with your friends
BETTER Idea: all ordering something different and sharing! WOOT!

Good Idea: new dresses
Bad Idea: getting your fabric be cutting up other peoples clothes with out permission. (Muhahaha!)

Good Idea: painting your toe nails
Bad Idea: wearing shoes

Good Idea: being ready for church
Bad Idea: basketball shorts with your white shirt and tie. (Spencer and Sam, GUILTY!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ode to Katie Marie

Katie Marie and I have been Friends for 14 years.It was a big Day for us when we realized that we had known each other longer than we hadn't. haha. I have been going through some pictures and thought I's post a few of us being... well us. I love me some Katie Marie. YOU SHOULD TOO!

(We were on our was to audition for American Idol. Haha)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The crazieness is genetic

 These are my parents. Kent and Charlet Anderson. They had 8 children. Wendi, Ryan, Heather, Dedra, Garen, Adam, Gina and Kyle. I have gathered a few pictures that I like of me and my siblings. The pictures are in random order. These are some good times.

 Kyle got the chicken pox when he was 17. Those are pox not zits. We were on our way home from selling a parade. I think I had a date that night. That's why the rollers.

 This was a dinner at Wendi's house. I really have no explanation for this picture.

 I was in Kansas City with Dedra to see Wicked! (SOOO GOOD) We're Pretty.

 Kyle is a Civil War junky. His beard is eyeshadow. I drew it on myself. :)

 At a festival. Dedra and I are just awesome.

 Dedra was trying to drown me. She's rude!

 At Ensign Ranch. 

 Garen was in town because he had to go to the Hospital about a heart thing he has/had. After a day of being poked he came to Mom's house. Dedra, Garen and I played with the camera for about a half hour. FUN!

 After we shipped Kyle off to the MTC Dedra and I drove for 3 hours to have dinner with Adam. We then drove home. haha

 Same Dinner Trip... I don't know...

 Family Pictures! The 2005 Edition. Garen, Adam and I. I heart them.

 Heather Graduated! Yay her! This is Dedra and Heather making their Pretty smiles for the camera!

 Because My Blog is Private I can say this. These are the fun sisters!!! Wendi, Gina and Dedra!!!

 Wendi isnt a fan of having her picture taken. Dedra and I were Really holding her there. haha

 Ryan and I. I dont know how old we are.

 Me and Adam. 

 Garen and Adam. Partners in crime from day one.

 Adam and I. I am a fan still of annoying him! 

 Myself, Ryan and a doll. I think the Doll did his make up. Either way he's pretty.

 Garen, myself and Adam. I was 3 Adam 7 and Garen 8

 Adam, Myself and Garen. We were trouble.

 Kyle and I just chillin'

 Dedra and I. I think this was just random before church.

 Myself and Adam

Kyle and I last October. I HEART this picture!

Garen, Adam, me, Ryan and Heather. The Penguin was Kyle. He was on his mission. Ryan had tried to pinch my butt and then Adam did it! I was so picked on! haha

You'll hear people say "they are a product of their environment." Truer words were never spoken about me and my siblings. We are all loud, crazy, funny, AWESOME people. I heart them Mucho!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Story - Nothing

I have no story.

I painted my toe nails. They are red and sparkle.

I think I'm sick.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

That is all.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Memory Monday - Haircuts.

This is my Mom and Wendi. So I am going to say this picture was taken in 1971 ish. This amazing woman is responsible for some "amazing" haircuts. Lets take a walk down memory lane for Memory Monday.

Ryan, Dedra and I have decided Memory Monday is going to be about haircuts. I cut hair for a living so I have some horror stories! I also know that having that to draw on is unfair. So, I will stick to the horror stories that have happened to my own head of hair. :)

I may have shared this story before but it's worth repeating. I happened to be one of those abused children that had a mullet. (I'm pretty sure that's where my deep hatred of mullets came from.) We hadn't moved to Silverdale yet, so I was maybe 3 or 4. (I remember doing this.) I had the scissors in my hand. I raised them to the top of my ear and cut. I had LONG hair. I watched the hair fall. I didn't think much of it. I then took the hair from the floor and put it on top of my head. (I thought it would reattach.) I then went into the kitchen where my Mom was. I went about my business. Then the dreaded words "Did you cut your hair?" escaped her lips. I said "No." (Again, I thought it would reattach.) She picked up the loose hair and put it in the trash. I was then was spanked and she cut the other side to match. That was the birth of my childhood mullet...

A few years later... Dedra and I asked Mom if we could cut my hair. Mom's exact words were "I don't care." Now for those of you who weren't raised in my house, that either means she really did not care or she wasn't listening and you may get your butt kicked later. This all depended on what it was you did. (Side Note: Cutting your sibling's hair is an offense that warrants death if caught.) Dedra and I went into Mom's bathroom to cut my hair. She kept making one side shorter. She'd "fix" it. Then "fix" it again and again... And again! It was still well below my shoulders but NOT as long as it was. We put my hair up in a towel when we walked out of the bathroom. Mom asked in her angry voice "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TWO DO???"   ...we were in trouble...

Fast forward a few months. Mom cut my hair to my shoulders to even out the rest of my mullet!

Heather cut my hair short one time too. She was brushing my hair and asked me if I knew the perfect length of hair. Then she showed me! RUDE!!!

I also had what I lovingly refer to as "kindergarten bangs." My bangs were no-joke 2 inches above my eyebrows. I think that's why my bangs are always below my brows now. Haha

 This is me showing off Wendi and Heather's mullets. I have been looking and can't find one of mine. I have a back shot but in order to understand the horror that was my cut, the back shot wouldn't do.

 This is a good shot of my awesome bangs. Also this is the candy that we used to make. So if you read the Memory Monday about the candy, that's what it was.

Here is Mom working her magic on Janee Bales. Janee looked like Loretta Lynn when Mom was done. Her hair was HUGE!

Garen did this on his own... yeah...

Now that I’ve torn the band-aid off my wound I’m going to go cry in my closet.

My kids won't have bangs or mullets! This is a promise!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Idea: shaving your legs.
Bad Idea: shaving with a dull razor... Ouch!

Good Idea: being open and honest
Bad Idea: offending people

Good Idea: Ice cream
Bad Idea: ice cream is never a bad idea. Ryan said so!

Good Idea: cuddling in a blanket when you're cold
Bad Idea: taking that blanket from someone who was using it to hide the fact they weren't wearing pants... Rude!!!

Good Idea:  practicing the piano
BETTER Idea: listening to Spencer practice!

Good Idea: drinking lots of water
Bad Idea: racing the waitress! Fun but mean. (Can you have you large glass empty in the time she goes to get more water to finish filling the other glasses on the table? I can!)

Good Idea: going to lunch with your Nieces.
Bad Idea: not having a filter for the things that come out of their mouths when I wasn't at the table. 

Good Idea: My new pajamas
Bad Idea: not getting them sooner!

Good Idea: Spencer Hales. He's a keeper.
Bad Idea: not meeting him 4 years ago when I first moved down here. 

Good Idea: Tetris
Bad Idea: Pong

Good Idea: not being and alien.
Bad Idea: 17 year old boys. (aka ALIENS!!!)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Date Night - Bowling

Wow it has been a long while. I guess it's a good idea to take advantage if the Internet while it lasts. 

The people I pilfer Internet from are so rude and inconsiderate for not always having the Internet working. That's called lame! 

Spencer and I went on a triple date tonight. We went bowling!!! (Not that kind of bowling. ;D Haha) Dinner, Bolderdash and rootbeer floats followed. It was fun. We were with Derek and River. Derek had set Rachel up with a guy from his work named Christian. 

While Bowling we had "bowling names" in the computer. River was Tree. Derek was Hefe. Christian was Cornelius. Spencer was Sauce and I was Mom. Derek thought it was fitting. Haha I think Christian was the only one who broke 100. We were so bad! It was fun! Dinner was at The Pizza Factory. Games and floats were at Derek and River's apartment. 

Rachel and Christian weren't being social with each other so Derek sent them on a walk. :) CUTE! Derek just wants everyone to be married and happy like he and River are. It's nice.

I am now sitting on a couch in Spencer's living room listening to him practice the piano. I love being able to end evenings listening to him play. Its one of my favorite things.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Granola bars
Better Idea: Granola bars with nutella 

Good Idea: being clean and sober
Bad Idea: being Gene.... Poor Gene...

Good Idea: wearing a towel as a cape
Bad Idea: not having a towel... Sad day...

Good Idea: Spencer putting his arm around me.
Bad Idea: Spencer giving me a wet willy as his arm is around me. RUDE!!!!

Good Idea: waxing your eyebrows
Bad Idea: Bert


Saturday, June 4, 2011

April and May

Yes that is snow. Yes it was April. Welcome To Utah.
 Jessica and I went to Dinner and then to a movie. I brush after I eat anyway but Jess just got braces. We were quite the pair! haha

 Spencer and I went to Goodwood BBQ on a date... Yeah never again. They were over priced and not very good. Now we know...

 This is some kid that was about to turn 16 and wanted to find a job. He told me that he know people wouldn't take seriously if he had long hair. This is his before and after photo!

 This is Lester. He's the Emu that I walk past on my way to work. He lives just up the hill from me. He's Nice.

 Spencer's little sister Olivia gave me these. I have then pressed in a book in my closet right now. I thought they were pretty.


 My birthday was Mother's Day. I ate over at Spencer's house. This was the table setting.

 How cool is that cake! Alexis made it. 

 This is Spencer working on the Wolf Puzzle that we started conference weekend.
 It was hard! Also, its missing a piece. :(

 I have a new game that Spencer doesnt care for. Its called "take a picture of Spencer EVERYDAY!" This was him not loving the Idea of me taking his picture.

 I LOVE THIS PICTURE! It was after Church. He wasn't loving the camera and I thought it was funny. Makes for a good picture. :)

I took Family Pictures for Katie and Ben. Well I tried to at least. I think we are going to have to try again. These are just a few of my favorite ones!

Sophie didn't want to play nice. If it were me and may family. The First picture would be the 8x10 on the wall. I LOVE IT!