Monday, June 13, 2011

Memory Monday - Haircuts.

This is my Mom and Wendi. So I am going to say this picture was taken in 1971 ish. This amazing woman is responsible for some "amazing" haircuts. Lets take a walk down memory lane for Memory Monday.

Ryan, Dedra and I have decided Memory Monday is going to be about haircuts. I cut hair for a living so I have some horror stories! I also know that having that to draw on is unfair. So, I will stick to the horror stories that have happened to my own head of hair. :)

I may have shared this story before but it's worth repeating. I happened to be one of those abused children that had a mullet. (I'm pretty sure that's where my deep hatred of mullets came from.) We hadn't moved to Silverdale yet, so I was maybe 3 or 4. (I remember doing this.) I had the scissors in my hand. I raised them to the top of my ear and cut. I had LONG hair. I watched the hair fall. I didn't think much of it. I then took the hair from the floor and put it on top of my head. (I thought it would reattach.) I then went into the kitchen where my Mom was. I went about my business. Then the dreaded words "Did you cut your hair?" escaped her lips. I said "No." (Again, I thought it would reattach.) She picked up the loose hair and put it in the trash. I was then was spanked and she cut the other side to match. That was the birth of my childhood mullet...

A few years later... Dedra and I asked Mom if we could cut my hair. Mom's exact words were "I don't care." Now for those of you who weren't raised in my house, that either means she really did not care or she wasn't listening and you may get your butt kicked later. This all depended on what it was you did. (Side Note: Cutting your sibling's hair is an offense that warrants death if caught.) Dedra and I went into Mom's bathroom to cut my hair. She kept making one side shorter. She'd "fix" it. Then "fix" it again and again... And again! It was still well below my shoulders but NOT as long as it was. We put my hair up in a towel when we walked out of the bathroom. Mom asked in her angry voice "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TWO DO???"   ...we were in trouble...

Fast forward a few months. Mom cut my hair to my shoulders to even out the rest of my mullet!

Heather cut my hair short one time too. She was brushing my hair and asked me if I knew the perfect length of hair. Then she showed me! RUDE!!!

I also had what I lovingly refer to as "kindergarten bangs." My bangs were no-joke 2 inches above my eyebrows. I think that's why my bangs are always below my brows now. Haha

 This is me showing off Wendi and Heather's mullets. I have been looking and can't find one of mine. I have a back shot but in order to understand the horror that was my cut, the back shot wouldn't do.

 This is a good shot of my awesome bangs. Also this is the candy that we used to make. So if you read the Memory Monday about the candy, that's what it was.

Here is Mom working her magic on Janee Bales. Janee looked like Loretta Lynn when Mom was done. Her hair was HUGE!

Garen did this on his own... yeah...

Now that I’ve torn the band-aid off my wound I’m going to go cry in my closet.

My kids won't have bangs or mullets! This is a promise!

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