Saturday, June 4, 2011

April and May

Yes that is snow. Yes it was April. Welcome To Utah.
 Jessica and I went to Dinner and then to a movie. I brush after I eat anyway but Jess just got braces. We were quite the pair! haha

 Spencer and I went to Goodwood BBQ on a date... Yeah never again. They were over priced and not very good. Now we know...

 This is some kid that was about to turn 16 and wanted to find a job. He told me that he know people wouldn't take seriously if he had long hair. This is his before and after photo!

 This is Lester. He's the Emu that I walk past on my way to work. He lives just up the hill from me. He's Nice.

 Spencer's little sister Olivia gave me these. I have then pressed in a book in my closet right now. I thought they were pretty.


 My birthday was Mother's Day. I ate over at Spencer's house. This was the table setting.

 How cool is that cake! Alexis made it. 

 This is Spencer working on the Wolf Puzzle that we started conference weekend.
 It was hard! Also, its missing a piece. :(

 I have a new game that Spencer doesnt care for. Its called "take a picture of Spencer EVERYDAY!" This was him not loving the Idea of me taking his picture.

 I LOVE THIS PICTURE! It was after Church. He wasn't loving the camera and I thought it was funny. Makes for a good picture. :)

I took Family Pictures for Katie and Ben. Well I tried to at least. I think we are going to have to try again. These are just a few of my favorite ones!

Sophie didn't want to play nice. If it were me and may family. The First picture would be the 8x10 on the wall. I LOVE IT!


  1. That kid with the haircut...geez. He looks SOOOOO much better with short hair. Why do guys grow their hair out long anyway? Well, I suppose some can get away with it...

    Love the emu and the bleeding heart flowers.

    Happy birthday on Mother's Day!!! :) Lexi did an awesome job on the cake and the table looks wonderful!

    Take a picture of Spencer every day? Wow. You're daring. He might bite your camera in half one of these days. ;)

  2. Sophie is such a pill! But we are funny. :o)