Sunday, August 21, 2011

The things that are

This is the first blog post in a long time. It's amazing him the lack of Internet can cut you off from so many thing. 

We'll do a good news minute:

*My new job is amazing. I love it a lot. I enjoy most of my coworkers. The one I don't enjoy doesn't bug as much anymore and we team sell really well together. 

*Dedra was in town for a couple of weeks. It was fun. We played, stalked Donny Osmond and even made a quick trip to Vegas. 

*I am all settled into my apartment. It's nice to feel like an adult. There comes a time when you out grow having roommates. So until a get married I don't plan on living with anyone

*I am currently listening to Spencer play the piano. That is one of my most favorite things. 

*Even though Craig isn't my favorite person a still work there sometimes. It's just random and when I want to show up. It's nice to have the tips and the play money.

That was a fun minute. 

Fun stories...
Spencer and I went to SLC to get my couch. It's spectacular! So my friend that we got it from didn't find a date for when we went to dinner. Spencer had a double date of the best kind. 1 boy 2 girls. 

The Kid at work I don't enjoy is Ken. I call him Kennerd. We race in sales. He's winning right now but I'm closer to my goal than he us to his. Muhahaha!!!

Things are going well for me. I'm enjoying being back in Provo. I enjoy being so close to Spencer. I am happy where I am in life for the moment.