Saturday, April 30, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a handsome Prince. He is so handsome that all the girls in the kingdom would fall in love with him. He is so smart that all the people in the royal court ask his advice and help. 

One day the royal Jester decided that the Prince needed a new Princess. The Jester, only knowing common folk, told his friend who is a cook, barber and maid that he would like her to meet the Prince. This young lady was nervous and excited to meet the Prince.

The Prince came to meet this young lady at her home. He was no ordinary Prince. He is a cut above. He didn't have a white Mustang. He has a black Mazda!  (he thinks that the ford mustang has lost it's flair.) He doesn't look down on the people. He works with and acts as an equal. 

When this prince went to meet the lady they were both smitten. The young lady asked the Prince over again for dinner later in the week. After this dinner nothing came of their meeting until the Jester married. After this celebration the Prince and the young lady spent much time together. They found every reason to see each other.

8 months have passed and the two have gotten to know each other very well and have fallen in love. They have traveled long distances to see the girls family. They have worked together during hard times and have truly been there for each other. 

The young lady is a journal keeper. She takes pictures and wants to document her life. She wants to have these things for future generations. She has recently taken to blogging. The Prince has several blogs and never updates them... This makes the girl very sad. 

I found a letter written by the young girl to her Prince.

Dear Darling love of my life,

It saddens me that you haven't updated your blog in such a long time. I want to see the fun and witty things you post. So my love, UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!


So to all of the subjects out there please write to the Prince. Let him know that he should update his blog so the young girl won't have to cry herself to sleep anymore.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I woke up, showered and got dressed this morning and was in a rather good mood. I looked out the window and what did i see??? Well not popcorn! Thats for sure!  It was snowing like crazy!!! All I could think was "I am NOT going to work today!!!" I text a coworker and got a ride. (I would have called Spencer but today was his first day of classes! Yay Spencer!)

Work was sort of entertaining. I like to do obnoxious things to make the day pass faster on Tuesdays. I'll talk in different accents. I'll try to work a silly word into every conversation I have. Today, being the busiest day of the week decided I was going to greet every person that walked in with "Hello! Welcome to Craig's!!" I was able to do so also. I had so much fake enthusiasm and cheer that by 10:30 I had every girl working laughing anytime someone walked in. Haha it was awesome!

Worked ended and I was free to go so I did. I don't love $5 day but I love knowing I make my coworkers laugh and have fun when we have to be tortured every Tuesday.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Memory Monday - Grandpa Price

So this Memory Monday is going to be about my Grandpa Price. (Mom's Dad)

I'm not as close to him as I would like to be. I wish we could have visited more when I was younger. I still have some really awesome memories of this funny, crazy, wonderful man!

One of the only times I was in the car with Grandpa when he was the one driving, I was 7. Grandpa is a drummer and a good one at that. He played in jazz bands and other things just for fun. There was a song on the radio or the tape we were listening to that he REALLY liked. The was keeping time with the break and gas peddles. He was swerving over both sides of the road. He was just rocking out! Norma was scared as was I. (I also was getting sick) she called out "ANTHON!!!!! Stay on the road!" he laughed and said "I am. I'm just using the whole road". He thought it was funny. 

We were at a festival in Pasco when I was 14 and Grandpa and Norma came and saw us. Grandpa got Sanette to distract Norma for a bit. Norma had put Grandpa on a diet and he wasn't having any of that! He ate 2 funnel cakes and a hotdog before Norma got back. He was finishing the second cake when she walked up. He got in trouble but didn't care. He told her she had no proof. Hahaha

There was another time when I was about 19 when we went to visit him. Mom was playing the piano and Grandpa was playing the harmonica. Grandpa told me to sing. I'm not the best singer but I'm not shy. We sang for a bit and then Grandpa handed me $0.50 and said i've been paid so now I'm professional! Hahaha

The last trip I took with my mom to see Grandpa we all drove out to see Steve and Marla. They had just gotten a new dog. It was an ankle biter! I told Steve that I was going to kick his dog if it kept biting at me. Steve was like DO IT! Grandpa then said "I'll kick that damn dog!" then he chased the dog passed the driveway where it hid til we left. Hahaha

Another trip there I was 20 (I think) I was sitting on the couch next to Grandpa and I put my feet over his lap. He let it slide for a few minutes and then he pounced! Grandpa wrestled me to the ground and pinned me! I was beat up my a blind 80 year old man who was laughing at me! Good times!

Grandpa is blind now. He runs down the halls of the retirement center he lives at. He still runs across streets with out looking. He likes to use field glasses in the car saying he checking out all the pretty girls. He is funny and swears. He'll make faces at the camera and laugh as he flips you off. I love my Grandpa. He's the only Grandparent I have ever had but he was the best. I wouldn't trade him or any of the fun times I've had with him for anything. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: kissing your boyfriend 
Bad Idea: kissing him all over his face like he's a little kid just because you know it annoys him.  
Good Idea: writing in your journal everyday
Bad Idea: writing things down that people could use as Black-male later in life

Good Idea: giving people the haircuts they ask for
Bad Idea: mullets, bowl cuts, Florence Henderson haircuts, Joan Jet shags and uro-hawks GROSS!!! 

Good Idea: doing fun things that create memories with your siblings and friends.
Bad Idea: getting caught doing these fun things and having your evening end with a phone call to your dad saying "hey, um... So you're our one phone call..."

Good Idea: Having dinner with your awesome cousin Darcy.
Bad Idea: Letting Darcy's flirty 3 year old play with Spencer. (Seriously, every little girl ever falls in love with him! He is so cute. I can't really blame them.)

Good Idea: Stalking people you like 
Bad Idea: falling in love with your stalker... awkward 

Good Idea: going to the gym twice in one day
Bad Idea: going out for nachos to celebrate your gym success....

Good Idea: earning some extra money for the famdango
Bad Idea: stripping 

Good Idea: listening to good music as you walk
Bad Idea: singing along loudly to the music as passerby's stair at you like you're nuts! Hahaha (They should have just enjoyed the free Concert! I'm amazing!!!!)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rock Band Rock Stars!!!

So tonight I invited Spencer and all of his siblings (6) over for dinner and Rock band. I made dinner. They brought Rock Band. His sister brought one of her friends. We had 9 people in my little apartment rocking it out!

We had soft tacos for dinner. I picked that because they are messy. I am a messy eater! I have such a hard time when I eat at their house because everyone there is neat. I just want to use my hands! Haha So this was my pay back Muhahaha!!! It's sad that my master plan is making then get a little salsa on their hands... Oh well I really like then so a little salsa is just fine.

Like a dork fish I didn't take any pictures. :( Chelsea rocked vocals, Spencer kicked trash at the drums and anything else he touched. Everyone took turns with the guitars. Sam was half asleep on the floor until I said we should have one of his eyebrows. He then moved to the couch and played with us. It was so much fun. You are Jealous or our awesomeness.

Spencer is the king at rock band. He is the reason that the game was invented. Olivia played her first song on hard. She rocked it. Mati is a better singer than she thinks. Hannah kicked butt at the drums. Chris did everything. Sam can play on expert. It made me feel lame because I have to play on easy or medium. Haha Lexi and Chelsea were awesome. They hammed it up! It was so much fun!

I know I might get beat up for this but I think this new band that was created tonight is even better than 'The headless Iguanas' Oh yeah! I went there!

We made cupcakes somewhere in there too. Rainbow chip with cream cheese frosting. I was good and didn't eat one. That didn't stop me from telling Lexi to eat 5. She didn't.... :( haha

I had a ton of fun. I hope they did too. I'd so do this again. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work a.k.a Hell

Nothing is all bad... If you think about it you could say hell is just a sauna. Right? Anyway...

So best quote today at work came from an old man. I asked if he wanted his eyebrows trimmed he said "no, I have an eyebrow comb over. If you trim them people will know I'm bald."

There was a man in my chair, maybe 25 ish. He would not sit still. I told him I wad going to shave his head if he didn't stop moving. He kept turning my chair so he could look in the mirror. I flat out told him to stop that I need to see not him. He was a butt!

Anya is wonderful. She is one of my favorite coworkers! If I had to be in Hell today at least I was in good company. Haha

Then came my knight in a shiny black Mazda3. He rescued me and took me home. Yay! There was an event at the round table so he couldn't stay. :(

Even though i was in hell most of today and I missed seeing Spencer, it's been productive and fun.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Memory Monday

THE HAPPY GO PUKEY ROAD!!! Told through the eyes of a 6 year old.

We were on a trip selling candy, at least I think we were... We were coming to the end of what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a weekend. I also think we saw John John that trip... It was Mom, Dad, Dedra, Garen, Adam, myself and Kyle. We were in what I remember as the smallest car I had seen in my life at that point. We were headed north on hwy 101. If you have ever been on that road you know it twists and turns. It goes up and down. It has so many trees lining it that even if you feel fine you'll get sick watching them.

We were sick of being on the road. We were sick of being in the car. We were sick of each other. We were flat out sick too. I don't remember who puked first but once it started there was no stopping! It was a chain reaction of vomit! Dad stopped the car because Kyle, being the sickest 2 year old in the world had puked from both ends all over Mom.

We got out of the car still sick. Some of us puked on the side of the road. Some of us were feeling better. My parents and those who were not dying helped clean up the car as best as we could.

We had to get back in the car because we were still 3 hours from home. That was the longest 3 hours of my life! What's funny is a couple of years ago Dedra and I were driving to Adam's house and we were like "hey! This is the happy go pukey road!" haha

There was an episode of Tiny Toons were Plucky went on a trip with the pig... I can't remember his name. They went to a theme park and there was a ride called "Happy Go Pukey" that's were we came up with the name.

I hope you've enjoyed my trip down Memory Lane... Ah good times.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: having a quiet evening at home.
Bad Idea: Beating your roommate and her friend for being to noisy.

Good Idea: watching a fun movie.
Bad Idea: watching the same movie for the 4th time this week.

Good Idea: dancing around your room like a crazy (AWESOME) person.
Bad Idea: not noticing that my window was open for the first 10 minutes of said act. Haha

Good Idea: reading Facebook updates and blog posts made by friends and family. :)
Bad Idea: stalking friends,family, family friends and strangers in this same fashion. (people might think you're crazy)

Good Idea: soup. Soup is always a Good Idea!
Bad Idea: mushrooms. Mushrooms are always a Bad Idea!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is a blog just for Dedra. Dedra is my sister. I love her. She is a turd. She is a crazy awesome sewer. She has 4 kids. She has one husband... So maybe 5 kids... She is an awesome sister.

Some of my favorite times with her are from when I was younger and didn't know she hated me. We are 8 years apart and I thought we were the same age. :) She put up with me and I didn't even know she didn't want to.

I crashed her 18th birthday party. I thought I was one of the big kids. I had fun and didn't even know I wasn't invited.

We have had photo shoots at Costco (I am not sharing my tent!)

We have slumber parties (no I will not tuck you in.)

I talk to her all the time. We talk about almost everything you can talk about.

Things I learned from Dedra:
1. Eating beef jerky and listening to Reba count as excersizing.
2. Root Beer floats are good dinners
3. She should never eat garlic
4. Blankets are most fun when made after a week of being silly with your sister.
5. Casket rooms are fun to play hide and seek in.

Even though Mom isn't here to yell at me and tell me to get my head out of my butt. I have Dedra who tried hard. She's nice and listens to my crazy talk. Thanks Dedra. I love you.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Life in the last 5 Months

A picture is worth a thousand words and so I thought I'd give you something to talk about! Yay Talking!!! I have to admit that I have been slacking in the taking pictures department... I am working on it. I have just been lazy I know... It also doesn't help that someone who's name wont be said (see Spencer, I can be nice!) doesn't like pictures so I tend to take less.


  Me at Costco... I thought the tutu was cute. I think the one I made was better. This one fit better as a hat. 

 Happy Birthday to Derek! His birthday is the 11th. We all got together for dinner and cake at Sydni's house. Dan (the one in the green shirt) and I thought it would be funny to eat the middle out of the cake. HAHA That is Derek's favorite part. We are such nice friends. It was great to see the look on his face when he took the lid off the cake pan. HAHA!!!

 I planned this really fun date for Spencer and I. We had homemade stew. We raced slinkys down the stairs. We made soda fountains with Coke and Mentos. We ate pudding. It was like being 5 but better! We were older and could see how much fun it really is to do things like that! 

 Sophie Jane is in love with Spencer... I cant say I blame her. He is sorta Wonderful. I love when she gets mad at me for sitting next to him. Its my favorite. haha

 Dad came down for Thanksgiving. We played around at some stores. I think Dad needs one of these chairs for his living room. What do you think???

 Brittany needed a new picture for her parents house. I was so excited to have a photo shoot! It was really fun! We were silly and just had a blast! This isn't the one that she chose for her parents. I just liked this one better!

Sophie got caught getting the fruit snacks. haha. Best Picture EVER!!!

 So Katie and I went to Walmart at midnight to get the Twilight movie Eclipse. They had this random question and answer thing about the movie. NOT THE BOOKS but the MOVIE. I happened to know the answer to one of the questions. It was silly but I won a prize... It was one of my finer moments. haha.


 Happy Christmas to Spencer! I stole this great Idea from Dedra about Christmas. "Something they want. Something they need. Something hand made. Something to read. More presents doesn't make it more special" This was his something to read. I put together a book of sheet music. This way he has something to play other than the hymns. :)

He drew is 14 year old sister for the sibling gift exchange. He made her a scarf. It turned out really cute. I have a picture of him wearing it. I think I would get in major trouble if I'd posted it...


 Dad posted this sign on the door at the Ranch. needless to say the kids were much better this year at keeping the door shut. :) 

 Kaylee and I. I'm sad how I've only been able to see her a few times in her life but I was so glad that she and I could be friends. She's such a sweet little girl. 

 I love games late at night! We tend to start playing by our own rules. Then things like this happen... haha! Yay Dedra! Games are more fun when playing with Dedra!

 I don't even remember what I was talking about but I'm sure Dedra thought it was necessary to make fun of me... She Usually thinks that I need teased in some way or another... This is just proof.

  We made Duct tape Scripture Cases! Regann Made a purse. It was really fun! We went through TONS of tape. 

 The Dates on these pictures are wrong. haha

Here you will find Sophie Jane once again trying to steal my man! She thinks she is just so Clever! 

 Spencer Comes over for Breakfast a couple times a week. I cook, he takes me to work. It's a good arrangement. He was really late on Valentines Day. (I didn't know it was Valentines day. I am a bad person) I was in my room when he got to my house. He puts the flowers on the kitchen table like you see in the picture. Then he knocked on my door. We talked for a few minutes and I walked out to the kitchen. He said he was sorry for being late but he wanted to stop and get me flowers. He's so Sweet. He made my card too.

 I heart that the Ribbon is bent into hearts!

 Pretty, pretty flower!

 I heart him too!

 So we went to Washington for a family Party. Its been one year since Mom died. We stopped to see Heather. Her kids really like Spencer. I was glad for that. :)

 Courtney and Mikaela Like him the best. Court asked me if they could take a "Luke Picture" They did one like this with my friend Luke a couple years ago. They liked him too. Spencer had no Idea this was coming! It was great! Courtney wanted to take another one. I think she just wanted to kiss Spencer again! I don't blame her.

 Ah the family party. I have to say that Dedra, Ken and I are always the life of the Parties!

 The Men Folk went shooting. I came too. It was Ryan, Mayson, Harmon, Nolahn, Adam and Dad going. Spencer was invited too. 2 of my older brothers + Dad + 3 nephews + Spencer + guns... I've never really been that good at math but I knew that I was going on this trip!!! They all like Spencer. I was worried about that. I just know that some of my siblings can say some embarrassing things or just be turd heads. :) It was a fun little trip. :)

Spencer and I stayed at Dedra's house the last night before coming back to Utah. I tried to take his bed. This looks like a sweet picture. What you cant see is his other hand about to start tickling me to get me to move. I lost this fight and had to sleep on the couch...


I didn't really do much picture taking in the month of March. I think that there were only about 10 pictures for the whole month! Most of those 10 or so pictures were taken on the 30th because I let Spencer's little sister play with my camera!

 This is Spencer driving us to Church.

 I made him stand still so I could take this picture. He's so handsome in his suit!

This picture was taken by Spencer's sister. Thanks Hannah!

So this is my update as of now. I will work on taking better pictures and more of them. Until then I will just keep with the short random blurp blog posts I've been doing. Sorry for all the typos and miss spelled words. I love pictures!