Friday, April 22, 2011

Rock Band Rock Stars!!!

So tonight I invited Spencer and all of his siblings (6) over for dinner and Rock band. I made dinner. They brought Rock Band. His sister brought one of her friends. We had 9 people in my little apartment rocking it out!

We had soft tacos for dinner. I picked that because they are messy. I am a messy eater! I have such a hard time when I eat at their house because everyone there is neat. I just want to use my hands! Haha So this was my pay back Muhahaha!!! It's sad that my master plan is making then get a little salsa on their hands... Oh well I really like then so a little salsa is just fine.

Like a dork fish I didn't take any pictures. :( Chelsea rocked vocals, Spencer kicked trash at the drums and anything else he touched. Everyone took turns with the guitars. Sam was half asleep on the floor until I said we should have one of his eyebrows. He then moved to the couch and played with us. It was so much fun. You are Jealous or our awesomeness.

Spencer is the king at rock band. He is the reason that the game was invented. Olivia played her first song on hard. She rocked it. Mati is a better singer than she thinks. Hannah kicked butt at the drums. Chris did everything. Sam can play on expert. It made me feel lame because I have to play on easy or medium. Haha Lexi and Chelsea were awesome. They hammed it up! It was so much fun!

I know I might get beat up for this but I think this new band that was created tonight is even better than 'The headless Iguanas' Oh yeah! I went there!

We made cupcakes somewhere in there too. Rainbow chip with cream cheese frosting. I was good and didn't eat one. That didn't stop me from telling Lexi to eat 5. She didn't.... :( haha

I had a ton of fun. I hope they did too. I'd so do this again. :)


  1. NO BAND is better than the 'Headless Iguanas.' YOU. ARE. SHUNNED!!!