Monday, April 25, 2011

Memory Monday - Grandpa Price

So this Memory Monday is going to be about my Grandpa Price. (Mom's Dad)

I'm not as close to him as I would like to be. I wish we could have visited more when I was younger. I still have some really awesome memories of this funny, crazy, wonderful man!

One of the only times I was in the car with Grandpa when he was the one driving, I was 7. Grandpa is a drummer and a good one at that. He played in jazz bands and other things just for fun. There was a song on the radio or the tape we were listening to that he REALLY liked. The was keeping time with the break and gas peddles. He was swerving over both sides of the road. He was just rocking out! Norma was scared as was I. (I also was getting sick) she called out "ANTHON!!!!! Stay on the road!" he laughed and said "I am. I'm just using the whole road". He thought it was funny. 

We were at a festival in Pasco when I was 14 and Grandpa and Norma came and saw us. Grandpa got Sanette to distract Norma for a bit. Norma had put Grandpa on a diet and he wasn't having any of that! He ate 2 funnel cakes and a hotdog before Norma got back. He was finishing the second cake when she walked up. He got in trouble but didn't care. He told her she had no proof. Hahaha

There was another time when I was about 19 when we went to visit him. Mom was playing the piano and Grandpa was playing the harmonica. Grandpa told me to sing. I'm not the best singer but I'm not shy. We sang for a bit and then Grandpa handed me $0.50 and said i've been paid so now I'm professional! Hahaha

The last trip I took with my mom to see Grandpa we all drove out to see Steve and Marla. They had just gotten a new dog. It was an ankle biter! I told Steve that I was going to kick his dog if it kept biting at me. Steve was like DO IT! Grandpa then said "I'll kick that damn dog!" then he chased the dog passed the driveway where it hid til we left. Hahaha

Another trip there I was 20 (I think) I was sitting on the couch next to Grandpa and I put my feet over his lap. He let it slide for a few minutes and then he pounced! Grandpa wrestled me to the ground and pinned me! I was beat up my a blind 80 year old man who was laughing at me! Good times!

Grandpa is blind now. He runs down the halls of the retirement center he lives at. He still runs across streets with out looking. He likes to use field glasses in the car saying he checking out all the pretty girls. He is funny and swears. He'll make faces at the camera and laugh as he flips you off. I love my Grandpa. He's the only Grandparent I have ever had but he was the best. I wouldn't trade him or any of the fun times I've had with him for anything. 

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  1. These are great memories! I didn't know all of them.