Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: kissing your boyfriend 
Bad Idea: kissing him all over his face like he's a little kid just because you know it annoys him.  
Good Idea: writing in your journal everyday
Bad Idea: writing things down that people could use as Black-male later in life

Good Idea: giving people the haircuts they ask for
Bad Idea: mullets, bowl cuts, Florence Henderson haircuts, Joan Jet shags and uro-hawks GROSS!!! 

Good Idea: doing fun things that create memories with your siblings and friends.
Bad Idea: getting caught doing these fun things and having your evening end with a phone call to your dad saying "hey, um... So you're our one phone call..."

Good Idea: Having dinner with your awesome cousin Darcy.
Bad Idea: Letting Darcy's flirty 3 year old play with Spencer. (Seriously, every little girl ever falls in love with him! He is so cute. I can't really blame them.)

Good Idea: Stalking people you like 
Bad Idea: falling in love with your stalker... awkward 

Good Idea: going to the gym twice in one day
Bad Idea: going out for nachos to celebrate your gym success....

Good Idea: earning some extra money for the famdango
Bad Idea: stripping 

Good Idea: listening to good music as you walk
Bad Idea: singing along loudly to the music as passerby's stair at you like you're nuts! Hahaha (They should have just enjoyed the free Concert! I'm amazing!!!!)

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  1. Actually, eating nachos after the gym *is* a good idea.