Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The crazieness is genetic

 These are my parents. Kent and Charlet Anderson. They had 8 children. Wendi, Ryan, Heather, Dedra, Garen, Adam, Gina and Kyle. I have gathered a few pictures that I like of me and my siblings. The pictures are in random order. These are some good times.

 Kyle got the chicken pox when he was 17. Those are pox not zits. We were on our way home from selling a parade. I think I had a date that night. That's why the rollers.

 This was a dinner at Wendi's house. I really have no explanation for this picture.

 I was in Kansas City with Dedra to see Wicked! (SOOO GOOD) We're Pretty.

 Kyle is a Civil War junky. His beard is eyeshadow. I drew it on myself. :)

 At a festival. Dedra and I are just awesome.

 Dedra was trying to drown me. She's rude!

 At Ensign Ranch. 

 Garen was in town because he had to go to the Hospital about a heart thing he has/had. After a day of being poked he came to Mom's house. Dedra, Garen and I played with the camera for about a half hour. FUN!

 After we shipped Kyle off to the MTC Dedra and I drove for 3 hours to have dinner with Adam. We then drove home. haha

 Same Dinner Trip... I don't know...

 Family Pictures! The 2005 Edition. Garen, Adam and I. I heart them.

 Heather Graduated! Yay her! This is Dedra and Heather making their Pretty smiles for the camera!

 Because My Blog is Private I can say this. These are the fun sisters!!! Wendi, Gina and Dedra!!!

 Wendi isnt a fan of having her picture taken. Dedra and I were Really holding her there. haha

 Ryan and I. I dont know how old we are.

 Me and Adam. 

 Garen and Adam. Partners in crime from day one.

 Adam and I. I am a fan still of annoying him! 

 Myself, Ryan and a doll. I think the Doll did his make up. Either way he's pretty.

 Garen, myself and Adam. I was 3 Adam 7 and Garen 8

 Adam, Myself and Garen. We were trouble.

 Kyle and I just chillin'

 Dedra and I. I think this was just random before church.

 Myself and Adam

Kyle and I last October. I HEART this picture!

Garen, Adam, me, Ryan and Heather. The Penguin was Kyle. He was on his mission. Ryan had tried to pinch my butt and then Adam did it! I was so picked on! haha

You'll hear people say "they are a product of their environment." Truer words were never spoken about me and my siblings. We are all loud, crazy, funny, AWESOME people. I heart them Mucho!


  1. I love all these pictures! In particular I really love the fact that you put up pictures of you in your $50,000,000 dresses and one where you are laying with Kyle with no pants. Some things never change!

  2. These are great pictures! What a fun family!

  3. garen had a perm in the photo at grandma's viewing.