Saturday, June 11, 2011

Date Night - Bowling

Wow it has been a long while. I guess it's a good idea to take advantage if the Internet while it lasts. 

The people I pilfer Internet from are so rude and inconsiderate for not always having the Internet working. That's called lame! 

Spencer and I went on a triple date tonight. We went bowling!!! (Not that kind of bowling. ;D Haha) Dinner, Bolderdash and rootbeer floats followed. It was fun. We were with Derek and River. Derek had set Rachel up with a guy from his work named Christian. 

While Bowling we had "bowling names" in the computer. River was Tree. Derek was Hefe. Christian was Cornelius. Spencer was Sauce and I was Mom. Derek thought it was fitting. Haha I think Christian was the only one who broke 100. We were so bad! It was fun! Dinner was at The Pizza Factory. Games and floats were at Derek and River's apartment. 

Rachel and Christian weren't being social with each other so Derek sent them on a walk. :) CUTE! Derek just wants everyone to be married and happy like he and River are. It's nice.

I am now sitting on a couch in Spencer's living room listening to him practice the piano. I love being able to end evenings listening to him play. Its one of my favorite things.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome date! I love Balderdash. It's my favorite game. I imagine playing it with Spencer would be awfully fun. We should do a double sometime. :)