Sunday, June 26, 2011

All rolled into one

So it's been a full week since I posted last. I don't love not having Internet. It ruins my life!

Memory Monday - My friend Katie and I had to make the diabetic dessert for the "Senior Saints" dinner when we were 16. We didn't have the baking splenda. We had about 500 packets that Katie stole from her dad. :) After opening all of the packets we were about 1/4 cup short. My mon said to just use sugar. Give the old people a treat. Katie and I weren't too big on killing people (yet) so we came up with a different plan.
We pooled our money and went to Denny's and bought a piece of pie. (The people at Shari's knew us. We didn't want band for life) We then stole all The splenda packets off the tables! Our waiter comes out and says "how come every time I turn around I hear sugar packets shufflin'?" Katie and I then emptied our pockets and explained what we were doing. He went in the back and brought out a big bucket of splenda packets and said we could take as much as we needed! 
We didnt have money for a tip so we left a full subway card and Pass along card. Oh and just so you know, the brownies we made were gross. The moral of the story is USE SUGAR!

Tuesday - I again have no story. Work was rather uneventful. I didn't see Spencer and it was so hot out side I wanted to cry.

Wednesday - Dave (My boss) closed the shop with me. He worked the front desk while I cut hair. Things he'd claimed I'd done he had to do. Such as turn customers away because we were booked for the evening. He was sweet justice! He also said as we were cleaning up that he couldn't believe how great I was. Haha I don't know why he was so shocked but what ever. In the bulk email with the next work schedule he added
"Standing Ovation for Gina. As the only stylist for three hours in Orem I was amazed how many quality cuts she provided while providing a personal experience to each client. And the seven steps every time too! Big hand for Gina!"
Guess who got full time hours again! Better yet, guess who's quitting! OH THAT'S ME! Muhahaha!!!

Thursday - ......... I don't know

Friday - Spent the evening with Spencer. I sure do heart him. 

Saturday - We went to Ikea in the morning. Then had a fun date that night. We went to dinner and then a late showing of Cars 2. It was really fun.

Sunday - 

Good Idea- going on vacation
Bad Idea- Not telling all your kids and also not having cell coverage. RUDE! (Dad, Guilty!)

Good Idea- Ikea
Bad Idea- not renting a uhaul when going

Good Idea- fun dates with Spencer
Bad Idea- there is no bad idea for this one

Good Idea- 70 degrees with overcast
Bad Idea- This 90 degrees with no clouds crap we've been having! (...oh how I miss Washington...)

Good Idea- packing all your things up before you move.
Bad Idea- wanting to move now because you are living out of boxes... (I was overly motivated when packing)

Good Idea- taking naps
Bad Idea- wearing pants (I don't know why I think pants are a bad idea. I just don't like wearing them! Viva No Pants!)

Good Idea- having a night light when you're scared of the dark.
Bad Idea- taking down all of your glow in the dark stars because your moving. (I know I'm 25 and that I shouldn't be scared of the dark but my room is scary now. I can't wait to move so I'll have my night light again!)

This was my week! 

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  1. Good Idea: Dedra coming for a 16 day visit in August.

    Bad Idea: Not adding that to your list!

    You. Are. Fired.