Friday, June 3, 2011

My Tuesday story (late) The Ghettoness Of Craig's - Part 2

 This is where I work. Craig's Cuts. You see the 7 in the sign? That's because Our cuts are only $7! Isn't Craig Nice? (He's Trying to Kill us!)

 This is the Shop. Anya is sitting at the "front desk" finishing up the numbers. We were finally closed! See the gross floor? Did I not tell you is was gross!

 This is the Craig's Cuts History! You will see that some bratty kids have started to peel off the letters and numbers. Also Craig does NOT pay is better than the average chain. He is a LIAR! I'm sure if it were 1925 and we were paid what we are we'd be making bank. Its 2011 my friends! We are making peanuts! Not even that! We are making broken peanut shells that you scrape off the bottom of your shoes.

 We also do waxing. You see that nice clean wax pot? I told him it was gross a year ago and that we needed a new one. As you see he didn't listen.

 We have had customers comment on out pretty sink. We need a new one. This one is falling apart. Craig will not pay for things. Things are expensive.

 See the tape on the hose? I have the water running in this picture. You can see that the water is leaking from under the tape. I didnt have it on too high. I didnt want to spray myself in the face!

 Proof Craig wants to kill us.

 This is our break room. Makes you want to just take a break right now doesnt it!

 You see how everyone else has a real sign and we have a banner held up by bungy cords? Yeah, we're high class.

Craig has this sign on the door of the shop. He likes to micro manage and babysit us. This is his personal Cell Number. No Joke! He really wants you to call him and tell him about your experience at the shop. If you liked it then we have no reward. If you didnt like it he cuts your hours, Makes your life a living Hell and then if you are lucky he'll fire you. He's by far the best boss ever! YAY CRAIG!

I have worked here for a year now. He had 5 locations and is making a mockery of the hair industry. He has no business sense and knows nothing about hair. He is going to school right now. He is a History Major and wants to be a basketball coach when he grows up! SERIOUSLY!

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