Monday, May 30, 2011

Memory Monday - The Festivals

Monday Monday da da da da da da, so good to me... Every other day (every other day) every other day if the week is fine. Yeah. But when ever Monday comes.... Okay no more singing. On to the reason for this post. It's Memory Monday! I am going to tell you some fun stories about the markets and festivals! WOOT! 

Last year I went home for the 4th of July festival. I was home for about a week. Dad, Dedra, Kyle and I worked the show in Oak Harbor. It was so fun. Dedra and I pretended to be rock'm sock'm robots. Dad had to tell us to stop the "grab a**" haha We call it "grab donkey" haha. That just makes us more silly.  We pretended to eat the cotton candy as we were making it. We would randomly bust a move. (we are amazing dancers) I love the 4th of July show!

We were at Fireworks on the Fjord in Poulsbo. Darren, the fish guy was a couple of booths down from us. He would never be in his own booth! He would always be taking drinks from us or eating our food. He would tell us to get back to work when he wasn't doing anything. He was fun.

One time at the fair in Elma he was over at our booth before the show had really got going. Heather was making her a drink. Diet Coke with lime, heaven be thy name! Darren's drink looked like Heather's and his was already made. So I took a big drink of his drink. I then look at him in disbelief! It was 10am!!! There was rum in the drink! He laughed and chugged the rest. I left to brush my teeth again. It was lame and funny at the same time.

At the Kitsap County Fair we had the big kitchen in the building with all the commercial vendors. It was cool ish. Dedra and I were working and she had the front end. We had been writing "Cin" for cinnamon sugar and "pow" for powdered sugar on the tickets. Some lady ordered a cake with both. Dedra came in the kitchen and said "it's Cin-pow" as she said this she reached to grab my shirt (stealing is a sin- she accidentally grabbed my boob- still a sin) then punched me for the pow! It was special. Haha. 

At this same show Dedra and I were telling each other things that we invented. Haha. She said I invented cotton candy machines. I said "well I invented cotton candy. You kept eating your shirt and I figured there had to be a better way" haha.

There have been people at these shows that have been less then... nice. We'll go with that. We don't know their names but if you ask any member of my family who the Toothless Wench or the Fat Basturd are, they could tell you. It seemed for years that they were trying to ruin our lives. She got dad kicked off a parade rout in Marysville one time and The Cop walked him back to our booth. When he got there I asked " was it the toothless wench?" the cop laughed and said "that's what he called her!" anyway back to the story! They had a booth just around the corner from us. Some how Dedra was able to make nice with them. Don't ask me how because I don't know. They ended up giving us a bunch of pudding at the end if the show for some odd reason. On the way home that night dad said "roll down your window" I did. "Now pick up the pudding" Odd, but I did it. "Now see if you can hit the mailboxes." haha no joke my FATHER was telling me to throw pudding at the mailboxes. Haha Good times! My aim was bad. His wasn't. He's had more practice. (Dad this is not ridicule. It praise!) 

Lango's are Hungarian Elephant Ears. It was Katrina and Micky that ran that booth. Katrina was talking with us as her husband was out front talking with Dad. She pointed at Micky and said in a thick accent "do you see that fat, ugly old man? He wasn't fat, ugly or old when I married him." (Micky was neither fat or ugly.) Katrina another time helped Dedra with a sunburn she had. She gave Dedra a spray to put on the burn "here, it comes from my country. Not legal in US" haha! It worked very well though!

At some of the shows, when slow we would take naps in the "office" also known as under a table. Haha. We also had "company stationary" also known as Paper plates. Haha

At random shows the entertainment would be a hypnotist. Dedra was Brittany Spears and danced like a crazy person! I was miss piggy with all the attitude that goes with her. I also was able to dance and sing like I was the next American Idol at one show. I belted my song and everyone was shocked. It was so funny!

Dedra and I got henna tattoos on our feet that matched one year at Whaling Days. I'd gotten henna done a couple times in Marysville. It'd been years though.

When shopping for the shows we'd hit Costco and Cash n Carry. We knew the workers by name at Cash n Carry! Robert would always get on my case about climbing the shelves. He would say "here comes trouble" when Mom and I would walk in. I heart him. When Dad told him she died he got teary. We've known Robert for a good 13 years.

There was one time at Whaling Days that some brat ran between the booths and bumped our table that had the oil on it. The table fell and oil hit the back if my leg. Thankfully the oil wasn't all the way up to heat yet. It ruined my pants and I got to go to the ER for burns. :) It's funny how with the candy, funnel cakes and us just being stupid we don't all look like the burn victims we should. I have a small scar on my upper thigh. Dedra has one one her toe... But thats really it and both of those were from the candy.

Another year at Whaling Days Dedra and I made Mom go on the big slide with us. She was trying everything to get out of it! Then when the time came she was hating life. She wanted to go last when walking up the stairs. (Mom missed a lot of cool things because she was scared. "it's too high" BS! We weren't going to let it happen again!) We made mom go first! Then me then Dedra. The whole way up she kept saying she wanted to go back. We told her the only way down was on the slide! We had Dad take our pictures as we came down. It was awesome!

The logger rodeo in Seqhim, Wa was always the second weekend in May. My birthday is the 8th. The MC guy would announce to the show goers that they should go get a funnel cake and wish me a happy birthday over the big speakers every hour. That started when I was 12 and he did it every year til I was 21. (That's when I moved to Utah) 

We would meet crazy people all the time. There is the lady in Elma that would eat the whole funnel cake and then try to return it saying she didn't like it. Every year she tried this! Then Paul who was Asian would greet you with "howdy partner"in a thick Asian accent. The ice cream lady... Her name is Kim. She is a nut job! I'm not going into that one...

 There was one summer that mom would give a trophy to the employee of the show. She would give it to herself every show. To Charlet from Charlet you're the best!

The shows taught us that sleep wasn't needed. If you had a Mountain Dew you were fine. That Once you found your rhythm you can work for HOURS with out stopping. Hard work is something you can still do when tired and hardly able to move. It's all in your head. You can still do it! 

I loathed and loved the festivals. As I wrote this out I laughed so had remembering things that I had tears running down my face. Oh they were some good times. 


  1. I love this post! I forgot about 'Howdy Pawtnuh.'

    Some of my favorites are:
    •changing your name at Kitsap County fair
    •Mitzels in Oak Harbor
    •tans on the top of my feet to my shins
    •how much funnel cake can I get for 2.36? (well, I'll eat and give you the rest)

  2. Perception is reality. Everybit of this is true, the way YOU remember it. Love You. DAD

  3. Dad I know you didn't throw the pudding the day you told me to do it. You told me of the adventures of your youth. You have had more practice than me! Haha