Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Bringing your lunch from home so you don't spend money at work.
Bad Idea: Being the only one who does that and having no one to trade with. Also when they order food I want some but can't partake. 

Good Idea: Cheese Its 
Bad Idea: being out of Cheese Its

Good Idea: Going to Church.
Bad Idea: Bringing a soda with you and opening it in the middle of testimony meeting!

Good Idea: Going to the gym and riding and exercise bike for over an hour. (awesome cardio!)
 Bad Idea: Falling off said bike. (Dedra)

Good Idea: Getting tips
Bad Idea: Getting tips from Dedra. (No I will not play in the road or eat a yellow snow cone.) 

Good Idea: walking to and from work for the exercise.
Bad Idea: Eating cookies on these walks 

Good Idea: Talking on the phone with a friend you've not talked to in a while.
Bad Idea: reverting back to the teenager you were when you were friends and planning things that could land you in real jail not the pretend kind of our youth! Haha

Good Idea: Going to a Nuskin party that your friend invited you to.
Bad Idea: only going because it's held in Donny Osmond's neighborhood. 

Good Idea: Putting the cat in a tube sock to see what it would do.
Bad Idea: letting it out!

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  1. I love that I am directly involved with 3 of your bad ideas. World Domination or bust!