Saturday, May 21, 2011

The ghettoness of Craig's

The sink: The sink had a leak in the hose. Rather than spending the $3 for a new hose they used electrical tape to "fix" it. Not only does is still leak it now makes more of a mess. 

The chairs: The vinyl is cracking! The fluff is exposed and the hair sticks to it. Gross! They also need some WD40. they squeak really bad when you pump up or lower the chair. 

The floors: No matter how many times we sweep the floor is gross. They look dirty even after we mop. It's sad really.

The break room: The door doesn't close. It is too big and was hung crooked... Craig is a master craftsman. Also he hung blinds over the hole in the wall so you couldn't see in. Then when hanging these blinds he informed the stylists that he was doing "real work" that what we do wasn't. Lets see him stand for 10 hours a day being nice to gross people, bending in weird ways to get the right angle to cut the hair, using muscles in his arms, shoulders, back, hands, wrists and legs he probably doesn't know he has. Doing what he expects us to do with a smile on our faces and then say it's not "real work" He is an A**!!!

You'd think with how much they preach to us about giving a "Wow" experience they'd want nicer things or even things that work in the shop... Well shows what I know.

I am so thankful for my Craig's Cuts experience. Trust me it's been a "Wow" for me! Because Wow, I've worked here a year and still haven't shanked Craig. Not from lack of wanting or chances. Just for the fact that he's not worth the effort or jail time.   

This place isn't all bad. I work with amazing ladies that I love very much. We really watch out for each other. We can speak freely with each other. We are aware of each other's feelings. They are great people that I can call my friends. If the only positive thing I take from working at Craig's is meeting them, then I'm the winner.


  1. I can think of a few people that *are* worth jail time if you're interested.

    If I ever come visit you, I'll try to visit while Craig is there. I'll walk in, say. 'WOW! What a hell hole. I'm going to Super Cuts!

  2. Bahaha...Dedra's comment made me laugh because I was thinking along those same lines.

    I cut my girls' hair and my muscles ache after just the two of them. I don't know how you do it for ten hours day after day. Kudos to you and the awesome ladies you work with. Blah to Craig.