Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Story - Time Out

I just got a text from my very nice and not bossy sister Dedra. (SHE IS BOSSY!!!) She said I needed to do my Tuesday story! Well I have one for you.

So after Spencer's class he came over. We were listening to music as he worked on the puzzle and I played games on his phone. Spencer decided to start changeling words to the song. He stated adding the word "booger" to River of Dreams by: Billy Joel. I find that word to be one of the grossed words EVER! I get up and walk to my room. I was shunning Spencer for being rotten! He got up turned the light off in my room and closed the door as he said "You're in time out young lady." I said "WHAT!" as I followed him. He laughed and said "I knew that would get you out." I couldn't believe I was played so easily! RUDE! 

I walk back in my room and call my sister. I tell her what had just taken place. We both laugh. We talk for a bit and she reminded me of something I'd done before. We then put a slight twist. Haha. I get up and close my door. I quickly change my clothes! I put in leggings, my tutu, a crown, and 2 feathered boas! I put my hair in pig tails. I grabbed the toys that I let Sophie play with then she's here and set them up to start playing. 

After a few minutes of my door being closed Spencer knocks. The door opens and he's standing in the door way. I look up from my toys and say "Can I be out of time out now?" He smiles and says "No." as he starts to close my door. It was to funny!!!

I am out of time out now! I changed my clothes back and am now writing my story.

That is my Tuesday story. Haha


  1. Um Gina, I'm pretty Spencer won this one.

  2. Hahaha! That is too funny! It sounds like something Spencer would do, too. I like the tutu for effect. ;)