Monday, May 2, 2011

The do NOT's of getting your hair cut!

When you sit down in your stylist chair to get a haircut and they say "so how are we cutting your hair today?" DONT SAY SHORTER! It's the most annoying thing ever! We know you want your hair shorter! That's why you're here. We can't cut it longer!!! So if you know that you want a 2 on the sides and finger depth on top, say it! 
When we ask how you want you hair cut don't tell us how you style it. That's not what we asked you! 

Also, saying "trim" means nothing! I have seen "trims" where the people get 7 inches cut and "trims" where it's 1/4 inch. 

"It doesn't matter, just cut it how you want" "you're the professional" We are professional. We also could shave your head and not care. So if you want hair when we're done, tell us. "Sure" is not an answer, it's an evasion! "Just cut it the same as last time" WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT WAS!  

Let's talk about talking on your phone. RUDE!!!  We are trying to cut your hair. Being on the phone and acting like  we are the rude one makes me want to cut your ear.

If we are not done with your haircut please don't ask us if we are going to leave it like that. We're not done! If we move you or the chair dont move back. We put you there for a reason. If we do ask you how you style it please don't tell us the product you use. We don't care if it's gell or clay or wax. we want to know the style.

Don't say you're not picky and then question everything we do. It's okay if you're picky. Don't lie to our faces! Also, don't tell me your haircut is quick and easy. Do you cut hair? No? Then how do you know!?

Saying "oh you know" is also something that is annoying! NO WE DON'T KNOW!!! THATS WHY WE ARE ASKING YOU!!! We see so many people everyday. I personally average about 400 haircuts a month. Every person with out fail does one or more of these things. Please know what you want when you come in. If you can, bring a picture. It makes our lives so much easier. Also really look at the picture. If you have thin straight hair don't bring a picture of someone with thick curly hair saying you want that. This is a comb, not a wond! We do what we can but don't expect the impossible. If you don't know and want our advice, listen and answer our questions. We are trying to help you. Not attack you. 

If you have gell in your hair, expect to pay the $2 for a shampoo. If you have an itch let us know. If you move and we aren't expecting it you should expect to lose more hair than you want. Never Ever EVER use the cape to get hair off your face. That is gross! Pull your hand out from under the cape.

I am going to let you all in on a secret. There are only 7 haircuts in the world. Long layers, short layers, elevated, graduated, clipper, vertical and blunt. That's it! There are all kinds of lengths you can have these cuts. There are many ways to style them. You can even mix and match the cuts on the same head of hair. There are still only the 7 cuts. 


"I want length in the back to cover my neck but not a mullet" I'm sorry sir the definition of mullet is short on top and long in the back. I cut this "non-mullet" for this man and he was happy. It was a mullet. You can't have hair 4 inches in the back and 3/4 inch on top with out it being a mullet.

If you can avoid chewing gum when getting your hair cut. Please do so. If you must be chewing gum, please don't chew with your mouth open. I had a man sit in my hair that chewed like a cow and then started gagging when hair got in his mouth. I then started gagging. Not good. I also had a man in my chair that hadn't put his teeth in and was trying to chew his gum. That was one of the grossest things I'm ever seen.

A man walked in and asked for Flynn rider's haircut. He had his 3 little girls with him. He had grown the patch of hair on his chin and was now getting the haircut. His girls were so excited and kept saying he was the best dad ever. It was so cute.

One more thing before I end this rant. If the shop closes in 5 minutes and you come through the door please don't be mad if we are booked and can't take you. Please don't be mad if we just don't take you. We have been here for 10-12 hours and are tired. We have been here all day. We are open for 10-12 hours a day find time. Don't come in 5 minutes before close and ask for a 20 minute service. It's rude! 

Thanks for reading my rant.


  1. I think you need therapy. It's funny though...some of it. Other parts just make me feel guilty.

  2. Now you know for next time! Don't be lame! It's rude!

  3. Oh man my poor hairdresser.

    True story...

    Me: (Calling local spa/hair place) Hi, do you have someone comfortable cutting thick curly hair?

    Them: Oh sure, we've got a girl here who has curly hair!

    Me: So she's comfortable cutting it then?

    Them: She does cut hair.

    Me: So I've gathered. Alright then, how much is a hair cut and color?

    Them: Well, what kind of color?

    Me: The kind with color.

    Them: Uh huh. Have you colored your hair before?

    Me: Sure. A few times.

    Them: Do you have a preference?

    Me: Not blue. And maybe not red this time either.

    Them: Maybe you'd better come in.

    So I go...

    I make an appointment, the day comes, I show up, and they apologize for not calling, but they had to reschedule me for the next day. No problem I say, be back tomorrow.

    Next day I show up. Coffee in hand, clean dry hair, no stuff in it. (If you've ever seen me in the morning... imagine that... but super fluffier cause I tried to brush it.)

    Lady... Wow... seriously, that's a lot of hair.

    I was like, yeah? It's not so bad when its wet, and combed.

    So she goes, hrm... what kind of cut do you want?

    (Please don't hurt me Gina)... Uhhm, well I was hoping you could advise me. You see, I don't do this girlie bit too well... and all I really know is Im tired of looking like a mop. An uninteresting triangular mop. So I was wondering if layers were possible? Or just something to add shape to my face...

    Lady was like, seriously? you don't know what you want?

    I was like, nope, you went to school, I didn't. I'm paying for your knowledge, so educate away.

    She goes, right. Layers sound good.

    I'm like alright then... and color.

    Sure, she says, what color?

    I'm like, what sounds good?

    She sighed.

    I'm like, look, go with naturals, a blonde and a brown... a bit lighter and a bit darker than I already am.

    Deal she says.

    3 hours later and 90 dollars lighter (I did tip her 15 dollars for not killing me) I had a haircut I liked. Good thing I didn't pay attention at all so I can repeat that process again next time.

    The end.

  4. P.S. Although the above story is true I left out some story changing information...

    1. It's a spa, it's super expensive and uses only organic stuff.

    2. The only reason I went there is because they advertised a "curly hair specialist" which must really mean a girl who has curly hair that also cuts hair.

    3. I seriously didn't have any idea what I wanted, I only knew what I didn't want.

    4. Once I took a picture of Kate Winslet from Titanic into a salon with me, and asked for that. Reasonable for the color at least, and my hair is thick and curly... didnt come out even remotely close.

    5. My favorite thing to do is grow my hair out past my butt and then demand they cut it off to a shave... the looks on their faces are so fun and I've even been refused a few times.

    6. I made the appointment with several hours allotted to it on their recommendation due to color and cut and how much hair I have... I'm not seriously that mean to take up that much time without notice.

    7. I still dont know what I want or like <3