Saturday, May 7, 2011

Memory Monday - on Saturday- Firsts

So we are going to take a look at some firsts.

First day of school:
I woke up and walked to school with my brothers. I was excited to be there. They dropped me off at my class and things were good. I only got in trouble twice and Mom only got one phone call. :) 
I think the better story would be day two. I walked again with my brothers but I had to find my class on my own. I couldn't remember where it was. So rather than asking a teacher I walked home. I cried the whole way. When I got home, snack in hand, Mom asked why I was crying and home. I told her. She laughed and said "you could find your way home but not your class!" I was sad then. It's funny now. It was about a mile walk from school to the house. 

First date:
So I would go out with my friends and we'd pair off but I don't count those as dates.
I was talking to my friend Janet and she wanted to set me up with her brother in law. (Janet got married at 16. She and I went to beauty school together) His name was Morgan. He was 6 years older than me.... 
They picked me up and we went to a really crapy restaurant. We then went back to Janet's house to watch a movie. Morgan spilled he beer on me. I asked Janet to take me home. So I got home late and smelled like beer... It was great!

First Time Holding Hands:
There are the times holding your friend's hand because a creeper is following you at the store or whatever. The first time for reals though I was sitting at a movie theatre. The show had just started. My arms were folded and I was leaning kinda away from him. He reached across me and grabbed my hand. He then said "I just wanted to hold your hand." it was seriously one if the cutest things ever. Haha

First Kiss: 
This was all kinds of awkward... I'm embarrassed thinking about it! So he was super cute and asked if he could kiss me. I smiled and said yes. So standing in the parking lot of the Skill Center, I nervously lean in, he leans in too and we missed! So we tried again. We didn't miss the second time. ;) We didn't miss any other time after that either. There is nothing like a first kiss... Haha

First time being pulled over:
I was 18 and on my way home from my friends house. It was almost 11. Some of my friends and I were going to hang out at my house. James gave me his cell. He and Jenelle had hers. We were racing and I was winning. I got pulled over going 60 in a 35. I had almost cried my way out of the ticket. I started laughing before my window was all the way up. He knocked on my window and gave me the ticket. I fought the ticket and won. I got off completely. Muhahaha

These are just a few of my firsts. Haha The ones with funny stories. Also I couldn't think of any other ones. Haha

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  1. I didn't know all of these but I *totally* remember your 2nd day of Kindergarten. turd.