Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

So I caved... It was my one day protest. Spencer has been texted, called, pleaded with, harrassed and still won't post. I have things I want to post so I'm going to!!

Good Idea: Updating your blog
Bad Idea: Not updating your blog. (SPENCER UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!! Please)

Good Idea: blog stalking
Bad Idea: blogger being down for 2 days. RUDE!

Good Idea: making cinnamon rolls.
Bad Idea: Spencer not taking them home with him.

Good Idea: going for a walk
Better Idea: walking in the rain during a light thunderstorm. LOVE!

Good Idea: expressing how you feel.
Bad Idea: expressing said feelings with your fist and someone's face... 

Good Idea: doing your laundry
Bad Idea: not folding your clothes for a long time so your dresser is empty and all your clothes are in a pile at the foot of your bed... Guilty

Good Idea: practicing the piano
Bad Idea: sitting on the couch looking at the piano debating whether you should get up or not.

Good Idea: being pantless
Bad Idea: wearing pants

1 comment:

  1. Good Idea: Listening to Dedra ALL THE TIME.
    Bad Idea: Kate. haha

    Bring the cinnamon rolls home to moi!

    Good Idea:Going for a walk.
    Bad Idea: walking your pet tarantula. (It will kill you!!)

    ps, I hate snakes and cats.