Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things I shouldn't do...

So I am a fan of ramblings and randomness. The two go hand in hand. I happen to be suffering from sleep depravation and feel the need to ramble about random nothingness. This is something I should never do! Haha Other things I shouldn't do are:

1. Write things on my blog with out proof reading. I say stupid things or I have many typos... I should work on that. I will go back sometimes and reread the things I write... oh how I sound like an airhead!

2. Swear at my boss. I have yet to do this. I would like to do this. I have to remind myself daily that I need this job. That I can't burn this bridge until I have crossed another. I am working on this.

3. Murder my roommates. My Mom taught me to clean up after myself. Is it really that hard to take out the trash? The dishes needed help getting dirty. They need help getting clean too! Seriously! Spencer helps me more than the people I live with! He is my sanity. If it weren't for him I'd have killed roommates long ago.

So my Tuesday story... Aren't you so excited!

I don't have one! Oh wait... I was so out of it today. It was 20 minutes til closing and I was sort of cleaning up... Ish. I had just rinsed my combs and turned to get a towel. Me being unaware as I was of everything going on around me turned the wrong way and walked into the doorway of the break room. Luckily no one saw this. (so naturally I feel the need to post it on my blog...) I felt like such a dork. Yet sadly that was the high light of work until Spencer showed up.

I cut Spencer's hair today. That made me happy.

I made BBQ chicken for dinner.

I still haven't folded my laundry. I don't think that will happen tomorrow either. 

I am in the 113 section of D&C in my personal study. 

I have a crazy plan I want to put into motion. I don't think Mom would love this plan. (I LOVE THIS PLAN) I would like to hear what she would tell me... 

I really have nothing to say. I am just typing what ever comes to mind.... and right now my mind isn't working so this post is a special treat!

Dedra, make me a treat! 


  1. 2 things - dedra made me a treat, she just refuses to send it to me. (she is a major turd - i will call her MEGA TURD)
    also, crazy plans are often the most logical and sane. :) I support them. i also support Dedra making you a treat.

  2. My mom is a mega turd. I love BBQ Chicken.