Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Tuesday Story - 7 miles later...

Tuesdays used to be the bane of my existence but no more!!! With the recent developments with Craig's Cuts aka HELL ON EARTH I no longer have to deal with $5 days! YAY! 

They have cut everyone's hours because of school being out. All the college kids are going home so they don't need anyone full time or so they tell us. HA! 

I am looking for another job. I still kinda need full time hours. Craig's isn't offering that for anyone right now. BECAUSE THEY SUCK.

So my story today is:
I had a tift with my roommate this morning... Oh the high school drama! I long for a place of my own.
 I walked to the Provo library. (5 miles) I filled out applications, placed my resume and printed out several copies so I can place more tomorrow. 
I then walked to Spencer's house (0.4 mile) I visited with him for a few minutes. He had TONS of reading for his class so I didn't stay long.
I walked from Spencer's house to Katie's house. (1.6 miles) we had lunch, watched a movie and talked. 
At 7 Spencer came and picked me up. He and I went to dinner. Then we just hung out at my apartment.(He drove haha)

So my Tuesday story isn't out landish. My day doesn't really stand out. I got to spend the afternoon with my best friend. I got to go on a fun date with my boyfriend. It may not have stood out but it is a day I'm proud to write in my journal and also share with you. :)

Maybe next Tuesday I'm reverse a natural disaster then take a nap. Who knows? :)

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  1. You reverse the natural disaster, I'll talk a nap.