Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: leaving on a mission
Bad Idea: being from Vernal Utah (Sam said so)

Good Idea: using the restroom, washing your hands and then returning out side. 
Bad Idea: only stopping to pee on a tree then going back to playing. (Welcome to Vernal) 

Good Idea: Running a marathon
Bad Idea: Best Idea: wearing the medals you won everywhere you go! (Really seeing this makes me smile every time. Yay Sam)

Good Idea: Making your blog private so unwanted eyes won't be reading.
Bad Idea: being one of the unwanted.

Good Idea: brushing your teeth after you eat
Bad Idea: getting strange looks from people you don't know as you brush your teeth in their home. :)

Good Idea: Having a "Wow" experience and being so excited to go to work each day!!!
Bad Idea: Craig's Cuts

Good Idea: Going on a day trip!!!
Bad Idea: I have no "Bad Idea" for this one. Day trips make me happy! Plus Spencer and his family are fun. :)

Good Idea: Washington and Oregon
Bad Idea: Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico

Good Idea: Going to a missionary farewell.
Bad Idea: wearing pantyhose all day. MUCHO BAD IDEA! (I'll be home soon and shall take then off.) 

Good Idea: writing your "good idea bad idea" blog post 
Bad Idea: writing it in the car. (I seriously feel like I may vomit!)

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