Monday, May 23, 2011

Memory Monday - Ryan!

So it's Monday again. Dedra and I decided a few days ago that we were going to make this Memory Monday about out "awesome" brother Ryan. All of the things you will read are true. Most of the things were traumatizing. All of them are awesome memories!

When Ryan got home from his mission I was 7. We lived in a small house and there were A LOT of people living there. I shared a room with Ryan. He worked at a hotel as a night auditor. He would get home a couple of hours before I had to be up for school. There was only one bed in our room but it was a queen. He'd plop down on the bed to try and get some sleep before he had to go to class. I would some times try and cuddle. I was 7! He was the best big brother ever. He never told me to move over. He would put his arm around me and thank me for keeping the bed warm. Maybe that's ONE of the reasons he doesn't let his kids sleep in his bed with him. Haha

Ryan was the WORST babysitter ever! When Mom and Dad would leave he would one if two games. Sometimes both if he was in a "playful" mood. One of the games was call "dodge my feet" How do you play you ask? Oh Ryan holds you up side down by your ankles agents a wall and says "dodge me feet" as he tries to kick you! The other game was "be quiet or you'll sit on the fridge." I am 15 years younger than Ryan. I was 3-4 when he's use sitting on the fridge as a babysitting tactic. I was so scared I wouldn't move. I would cry. He was so mean! Haha 

Another game Ryan liked to play was "call the song" if he asked you to call the song you had to know the artist and/or the song tittle. If not you were walking! There were many times growing up that we had to walk. Haha If we were with in 4 miles of the house we weren't safe! Haha 
********************side note********************
Ryan was playing Encore with his friend and was kicking everyones butt. (I think I was 7) I made up my mind right then and there I was going to beat him at this game. I was 21 and we were playing it at Ensign Ranch. It took 14 years but I did it!!!

When Ryan was telling the kids he was getting married he took us aside so it wasn't a huge thing. It was personal and HE told you. He took Kyle and I to the Zoo in Sequim, Washington. I was 9 and Kyle was 6. We had lunch and got ice cream. My favorite part was when Rhonda got licked by a Buffalo! Haha good times. 

There was one time when I was 8 that he tried to trick me into cleaning out his car. I didn't want to! So when I went inside because I was done doing something I didn't want to do in the first place, he said I had to finish! I was so upset! I ended up finishing but it was a lousy job. Haha

I was 4. I had skinned my knee. I was in Mom's bathroom crying and cleaning it up. Ryan came in and told me that if I put tape on it that the tape would turn to skin in just a few days... I did use the tape he brought in. I crumpled up some toilet paper and tapped it to my knee. We didn't have bandaids. 

Oh! This happened a couple of years ago. I was home for Ensign Ranch. It was my first trip back home since I'd moved to Utah. We were playing with the BB guns at his house and I called Ryan a bad word that starts with an "A". He point blank shot me in the back of my leg! We were leaving when it happened. Well Ryan, that BB tore my pants and broke the skin. I ended up making cut offs out of them because I had blood all over the one leg. Thanks! You are a Ferguson! Haha (I know I had it coming)

I have 3 older brothers and Ryan is the oldest. He is awesome. I love when he comes to Utah and I get to go to dinner with him. I love when I am home and get to see him and his family. The silly things done as kids and as adults have created memories I wouldn't trade for anything. He is an awesome big brother that I know I can count on. I love you. Ryan! You only stink sometimes. :)


  1. He sounds awesome. My oldest (or rather only) older brother is only three years older than me but we're the best of friends now. I'm glad your brother is only a stinker sometimes. ;)

  2. Its fun to read your version of things we were both there for. I heart Memory Monday!!

    I don't want licked by a buffalo!

    This comment is being posted from my phone! You owe me chocolate. And a Blog comment.