Monday, May 16, 2011

Memory Monday - The Candy

There are so many things I could write about the candy. I could tell you how much we hated it. I could tell you that we missed school for it. I could tell you how the smell of sugar in the air as i was walking home from the bus stop made me walk slower. I could tell you how the thought of Saturday made me Ill. 
I could also tell you that the song 9-5 by Dolly Parton warms my heart and makes me laugh. I could tell you that I am close with my siblings because we worked long hours together. We would laugh so hard we would cry. We would cry from exhaustion til we would laugh. As much as we hated the candy, we have some amazing memories because of it.

I was 7 the first time I got to ride in a police car and it wasn't the last time. 
The security guards at several outlet malls have been toyed with. We were sneaky and they could never find us but we always knew right where that were. That's called team work. We have been kicked out of stores and towns by frustrated people that couldn't believe that the mouthy 10 year old wasn't intimidated and would still look them in the eyes. I have walked the main street of every major town in Washington by the time I was 10. How many people can say that?

One of our selling trips/ vacations we drove to Utah. I was 5. We were at the BYU bookstore. I think Heather was supposed to be watching me. I was bored and started walking to the car the way we came in. I was standing at the drop off in front of the Wilk. I decided I wanted to try directing traffic. In the mind of a 5 year old I was going great! The cars were listening to me and there were no accidents. I was doing my job right. Haha. Mom was relieved and ANGREY when she found me. I was in huge amounts of trouble!

Another time we were leaving early on a Saturday morning. Mom was rushing us because we were going far and had to be there between 9 and 10. Once we got there and we are getting teams set and routs picked I tell Mom I forgot my shoes. We were in such a rush and I didn't even notice til we got there... She wasn't happy... Hahaha

When I was 7 I got my ears pierced. We were coming to the end of the selling day ish and Dedra thought I should get my ears done. The first place we went to the lady had 15 piercings in each ear. I was so scared that I worked myself up to a vomit. I was crying and couldn't breathe. It was bad. We left. The second place an old mean grandma lady sat me down, told me I wasn't allowed to cry and took a pen to color on my ear lobes. She drew a dot on each of my ears and checked if they were even. She then showed me the GUN and said I had to hold still. Two painful quick pinches later I had pierced ears. Adam told me they were ugly and I had to take them out. I didn't listen. 

One of my most favorite stories. I was 8 or 9 I think. I had been talking in a british accent all afternoon. Some lady in a flower shop said my accent was amazing and asked where I was from. I dropped the accent and said "Bremerton" Dedra was so embarrassed! Hahaha 

That's my Memory Monday for this week.

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