Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Walking to the store
Bad Idea: wearing shoes that rub wrong on you ankle because you weren't wearing the right kind of socks. 

Good Idea: laughing with a person on the bus that was cool and you'd cut his hair a few weeks before.
Bad Idea: his name no joke being John Thomas (from Pleasant Grove haha) and he asks for your number... (ALL KINDS OF AWKWARD... and funny)

Good Idea: calling your brother 9 times  and sending him 25 text messages with In 15 minutes.
Bad Idea: not realizing its a company phone and he could get in trouble... (sorry Ryan)

Good Idea: singing while at work to pass the time
Bad Idea: not realizing the song you are singing is a love song and the creeper guy in your chair ends up asking you out because you "sang it for him" (I said no. Ewww) 

Good Idea: Going to bed early in hopes that you'll catch a few extra hours of sleep.
Bad Idea: not getting more than 3 hours of sleep a night for 2 weeks now no matter what time you go to bed!

Good Idea: Gina
Bad Idea: Dedra

Good Idea: going to the beach with your Dad
Bad Idea: writing lies in the sand (Dedra. Guilty.)

Good Idea: Working on puzzles
Bad Idea: Dedra teasing Spencer and I for working on puzzles. (RUDE!)

Good Idea: socks
Bad Idea: shoes

Good Idea: spending time with someone you love. 
Bad Idea: midnight... Is always comes too soon. (RUDE!)

Good Idea: Ryan doing good idea bad idea on his blog.
Bad Idea: Ryan not getting a blog sooner!!!


  1. I am a good idea!
    you really are lame!
    The messages were pay back and completely brilliant!


    You stink.

  2. I love that Dedra is a bad idea.

  3. I heart Kate and her wisdom! Kate you don't stink. (Except when you talk about cats)

  4. I am going to be more conscious about the songs I sing along to. I can't believe someone actually thought you were singing it for them!!! oh the people that frequent our workplace. Shoes are a bad idea. Jury is still out on whether Dedra is a bad idea... I don't know her, so I can't say but what I CAN say is that I still laughed!!!