Monday, May 9, 2011

Memory Monday - First date with Spencer

So it's Monday again! Yay Monday! Haha

So last Memory Monday I posted some of my firsts. I think I want to stick with that. I am going to tell you about my first date with Spencer.

We have an awesome friend named Derek. Derek was in my ward when I moved to Utah this last time and Spencer has known him since High School.

July 16, 2010
I get a phone call from Derek saying "Gina! We want to offer you Sauce!" (a nick name Spencer has had since high school) Derek called Spencer and said something pretty close to that about me.
In my journal it says "they are setting me up on a blind date... I'm scared"

July 17, 2010
Today is the day! I was scared out of my mind! The last guy I'd gone out with, we'll... Let's just say it didn't work out. 
"Sauce" and Theron knock on my door. It was a group date. Derek with River, Rachel with Theron, and "Sauce" with me. 
Derek and River went down the hall for a few minutes to we could all talk. Haha! I was siting on the couch. Spencer sat on the other couch but we were at the same end. I look at Theron who was sitting on the floor by the door and say "So you, tell the class a little about yourself." He started talking about Math and how he lived for it... I then say "Okay so you are no longer allowed to talk around me. You have lost all speaking privileges" This not being intimidating... Haha I turn to Spencer and say "Okay your turn"

We were driving to Trafalga and we passed some people having car trouble and the boys saved the day! 
Once we got to Trafalga we played mini golf. Derek is super competitive and was keeping score. I tore up the score card and then the fun began! We started placing bets! I thought Spencer was really nice and way cute. I said if he could get a whole in one that I would make him dinner later in the week. He'd been kicking out butts anyway and totally made the shot! I was very pleased. 

After mini golf we went to dinner at China Lilly. It was good and the conversation was good too. I was digging on how shy Spencer was. It was adorable how he'd blush when talking. He was just so cute!

We all came back to my house for rootbeer floats and watched 'Cars' I'd never seen it before. I was sad when Spencer didn't sit by me when we watched the movie. :( I thought that I'd again like someone who didn't like me back. Haha STORY OF MY LIFE!!! 

So that was our first date. It was about as Mormon as they come. It was really fun. 

In my journal I wrote:
"I think I scared the guy! I don't think I'll get to go out with him again because I'm intense. Sad Day. It was a really fun evening though."

I did see him again though! Muhahaha! He came over for dinner a few days later. Then nothing til Derek and River got married. Now almost 9 months later... I'm pretty sure I'll keep him. I love him a lot. 

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