Monday, July 30, 2012

And so it goes...

I feel like my post are all the same. I try to think of things to write about and I come up with nothing.

All of my up dates about Spencer are the same. He is depressed and dying. Its depressing watching him die.I k ow that was very blunt to say but call a spade a spade. They are black and look like shovels.

He is sick of life and ready to be called home. I don't know what is to be learned or who is to learn it but this prolonged suffering of Spencer's must be teaching somebody something. I just wish they'd learn it. (Watch it be me that is missing what I should be learning from this.)

I was talking to Kyle about when Mom died. He gave me some incite on the situation that helped me to understand better. It always shocks me when I talk to Kyle and he turns out to be a 23 year old RM and not my little brother that I still see as the 7 year old dressed up like batman.

My home teachers were here on Sunday. I like them but they are so young. I struggle with that sometimes. The lesson they gave was great. It was delivered like seasoned missionaries. (They are both fresh RM's) It was what I needed to hear. They also gave me a blessing.

I keep praying for Spencer and his family.

This is my update. Sorry it was written by a scatter brain.


  1. Scatter brain or not, it helps to get it out even if it hurts. You guys are always in my prayers, OUR prayers. I will definitely come visit Spence when I get home from girl's camp. I need to.

  2. Miss "Jina", I was reading this blog & have 2 comment or I will pop. Every day millions of people do the same old thing they have been doing. That doesn't make it boring, but it does help call N 2 focus the things that vary & the things that matter. YOUR feelings matter. SPENCER matters. The fact that each of U is suffering through some BIG challenges matters. It matters 2 the people who love U & it matters 2 the Lord. I 'see' u doing all these wonderful things with Spencer 2 make it better 4 him. HOLDING his hand,having presents 4 family birthdays, sharing meals & aiding him & make the choice 2 eat, reminding him of not only your unconditional love, but also that of Heavenly Father. Reminding him over & over that he IS worth it. U are both building up others by sharing. THANK YOU. U know I love U, right?!