Thursday, July 26, 2012

Memory Monday - The Thursday Edition.

I thought that I would break from the normal and post about something other than Spencer. Knowing me this post will somehow end up talking about him. He’s my favorite. Haha.

I was reading the labels that I have for my posts. I haven’t done a Memory Monday in what seems like forever. I also haven’t done a Good Idea Bad Idea in a while. I’s a lame blogger.

Here is a Memory Monday, Thursday edition

I have been thinking about what would be fun to write about. I came up with something that always made me complain as a kid but looking back now it’s something that now a lot of kids did.

I don’t really know if we did it for the post office or for my Dad’s office or what but we did the bulk mailings. We sorted the papers, stuffed the envelopes, labeled everything and sent them out. I remember one time in like second grade that my teacher asked me where I got all the cuts on my hands. I told her we sent out a lot of letters and I just wasn’t being careful.

It seemed to me that we did them all the time. I was little and we probably didn’t do them as often as I thought we did.

I know that when we would be doing them we weren’t allowed to go to bed until we were done. We had to get all the work done before bed. It was like that when we did the candy too.

***Side Note***
There was one time when we were getting up to make the candy everyone was in the living room. Dedra had turned the song 9-5 by Dolly Parton on really loud. She then comes strutting down the hall singing it. It made me very happy. Every time I hear that song. I always thing of the candy. Haha.
***Side Note Over***

There was one time that our power kept flickering. All the kids were praying that the power would go out because we couldn’t finish in the dark. The lights would go off and then Garen would lay to his side. As soon as Garen laid down the lights came back on. We were devastated. The lights when off again. Garen Laid down again. The lights came on again. This happened maybe 4 or 5 times. We kept telling Garen to stop laying down! Mom got so fed up with us that she sent us to bed. It was great. Haha

I have been doing what seems like endless paperwork at work the last couple of weeks. It reminded me of the bulk mailings. I Have learned to be careful now. I don’t have paper cuts like I did as a kid. Haha

That is my Memory Monday, Thursday Edition.

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  1. That's a great memory! Haha! It made me laugh!