Monday, July 23, 2012

There was zero proof reading done on this blog post.

I have some catching up to do.

After church I went over to Spencer’s house. He was in the kitchen. Everyone else was putting the finishing touches on dinner. I moved Spencer to the table.

After dinner he wasn’t feeling well. His stomach was really bothering him. He went to lay down in the study. After his stomach was feeling somewhat better he said he wanted to go upstairs.

I took him to his room. We talked for a bit. He is in a really dark place right now. He is so ready for all of this to just be over. He said how he feels like he is wasting every ones time. That he just causes stress. That he is sick of life. I keep trying to comfort him when we talk like that. It’s hard to convince him that he is worthwhile. He doesn’t want to hear it. He says that he is ruining everything. That because he is sick we don’t get to do any of the things we planned. That I shouldn’t love him anymore. That I should find someone that isn’t dying. Then out of nowhere he asked me “What are we doing? What’s going on?” I told him he was upstairs in his bed just resting. He said okay and then closed his eyes. From that point on I couldn’t even move my hand because he would hold it tighter if I shifted in anyway. It took about 10 minutes for me to talk him in to letting it go so I could go home. I was keen on staying. I don’t think his parents would have been as okay with it. Ha!

After I got home I was able to clean my messy house for a minute before Derek and River came over. Derek needed his hair cute so bad. They went to see Spencer on Saturday. Derek said it was really hard to talk to Spencer. He wasn’t all there. Derek asked what I thought about getting together in a couple of week and having dinner. I said I will see what we can do. I don’t know how Spencer will be in couple of weeks. We’d be hard pressed to get Calli to let him out of her site as it is. We may end up having a picnic in the back yard at Spencer’s house… That’s not really a bad Idea now that I think about it.

So here comes the part of the Blog Post that is being written to make Dedra painfully Jealous. Kate, Dedra’s best friend is in Utah. Kate is a bit of a stalker. She took a picture of my house and sent it to Dedra. Kate then text me and said there was a crazy lady outside of my house. Haha. Kate came over at 9pm to visit and have a root beer float. Kate and I took a picture of us standing like Superheroes. We are rad. Dedra is Jealous. MUHAHAHA! I had never met Kate before. I’d talked on the phone with her but that was all. It was nice to finally meet her. She’s funny.

I was in bed much later than I should have been. I am not even more tired that I normally am for work. WOOT!

Cam was in charge of the floor again today. He ruins my life most days. Today was one of them. I’m not his favorite because I talk back. He tries to be intimidating. For most of the people, that works. I am not most people. It bothers him that I don’t bend over backwards like the other minions do. I’m glad he leaves at 2.

This week out Central Station is the one doing ALL the inbounds not just the overflow. It has made it harder for Cami and I to do the Special instructions project. It’s frustrating. It was nuts today. BLAH! Yay for work! It very much cramps my style.

I went to see the Doctor after work. It was just a follow up about my new meds. I’m still crazy. How’s that for fun? Oh wait… it’s not.

I finally got to Spencer's house around 6. He was laying on the couch in the kitchen. He was pretty out of it. He didn't really say anything until around 7:20 and all it was, was "What am I doing?"

After dinner we all went and sat on the porch. It was finally nice outside. There were crazy hot moments, stand still and you'll drown moments. It was really nice come 8pm. It only took all day to get here. Ha.

I took a couple of pictures of Spencer outside. He is so skinny. He still eats. I think they should start having him drink whole milk or maybe cream.

For family night they went on a ride in the truck. I sadly had to come home. My work schedule requires me to go to bed ridiculously early. I hope he had fun.

The app in my iPod that I update my blog with won't let me pick and chose where to put the pictures of what order they are in. That is why they are always at the end. If I was smart and fancy it would be different. Seeing how I am of average intelligence and only pretend to be fancy, you get pictures at they end. Also in a weird order. This app has flaws.


  1. how much weight have you lost? you look way too skinny too...

  2. oh, so you look like a super hero, i look like an aging, huge foreheaded (in the nicest way) toothless fatty. ps - you do look good, even if it is the first time i've seen you. I enjoyed our visit too. anything with rootbeer floats is all good in my book. :)

  3. you are both lame and i want you to come to my house and make me a sandwich and a root beer float. right. now.