Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday is a special day...?

Let us talk about work for a second… we had 8 people call out “sick”. Funny, its Saturday, nice weather, and they just happen to be sick. I was annoyed. Cami and I have been working special instructions. That is time consuming. I was only able to get through 9 pages. Cami’s computer wasn’t working. It wouldn’t pull up any of the programs needed. Desk Top support took their sweet time getting to up to fix it. The alarm volume was high. That may have been because everyone called out… It was busy.

Also, working for an alarm company has cured me of ever wanting an alarm system in my home. This is a great Company. We are in the top 3 in the alarm world. We do great thing. We save lives and all that jazz. I like working here. I just don’t want an alarm system. I will just buy a gun.

Today was a long day. It’s always a long day when I spend most of it away from Spencer. When I finally get to see him, I only get to be there for an hour or so before he lays down for the night. Or I have to go home because of work the next day. It pretty much sucks. Next week I will be home by 5. It will be much nicer. I’m just glad I was able to see him.

I got to his house around 7:10. He was upstairs. He was sound asleep. When Calli came in with his meds, it took a few minutes to wake him. I had to sit behind him and hold him up so he could take his pills. After he laid back down I was attempting to move back to me spot next to his bed. He told me he wanted me to stay where I was. I sat next to him on his bed scratching his back and tickling his arm until dinner. I think that was the high of my day. He was asleep most of the time I was there.

We came down stairs for dinner. Stephen walked behind Spencer as I walk in front, down the stairs. He tends to wobble when he walks and we were there to catch him if he were to fall.

We had French toast for dinner. He is so sweet. He couldn't get his hands to do what he wanted. I fixed his plate for him. He isn't strong enough to hold the milk. I helped him get his drink too.

I left shortly after dinner. It was getting dark and I was on my bike. He requested that I let him know when I was safely home. He also wanted to know when I was coming back. He seemed worried. I hate leaving at the end of the day. I always cry on my way home.

I also cut hair tonight. Aubrey is getting ready to leave on a mission. She has been sick of her hair for a while. with all the new things going on, she needed new hair too. I cut Nate's hair too. We cut off almost all of his curl. I was sort of sad about that. Even though he looks so good with short hair.

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  1. Poor guy...sure wish it wasn't this difficult for him. :(