Sunday, July 15, 2012

A day late and a dollar short

A day late… I’m awesome at the late blogs. Oh yeah.

Kyle turned 23. Weird.

I picked Courtney up from EFY. She had a lot of fun. It took me about an hour to find her. She was sitting behind the Cannon Center reading a book. I was freaking out. I was so glad when I finally found her.

We ran errands in the morning. Walmart, Costco, picking my bike up from work. Things like that.

I’d told Spencer the night before that I would be over for lunch. That we could bring something good for everyone. Courtney and I made BBQ pork sandwiches, pasta salad and brought a bag of chips. It was really tasty.

I have Courtney this weekend so I won’t be able to spend as much time with Spencer as I would like. We were only there for about an hour before we left.

Olivia, Hannah, Courtney and I climbed up the waterfall up the canyon. It was really fun. We were soaked when we got back to the car. Courtney stood under the water! She’s nuts. The water wasn’t as cold as I thought it was going to be. It was really nice. Hannah and Olivia didn’t get as we as Courtney and I did. It was still a blast. Those girls are fearless.

We took the girls home after we stopped at my house for hot chocolate. Courtney and I only stayed for about a half hour. Spencer was laying on the couch in the kitchen. When I told him that I was leaving the was sad and asked why I was going now. I normally leave after he takes his meds in the evening. I told him that I had Courtney and she was board sitting in the hall reading.

It broke my heart when he asked why I was leaving. He gripped my hand pretty tight. He asked when I was going to come back. I told him that I would be back after work on Sunday. He asked what he needed to do. I told him just rest. He asked what was going on. I told him I was leaving. It took about 15 minutes for me to say good bye. It just about make me cry. I can’t cry in front of him. It makes me start a whole different round of questions that are even harder to answer without crying.

Courtney and I Ordered a pizza for dinner and watched movies until bed time. It was really fun. I miss having the girls close. I like being able to hang out with them. I forget that Courtney is only 15 sometimes. She is such a good kid. I love that turdhead a lot.

I will end this blog post with some of the silly pictures we took at the top of the waterfall. It was so fun.

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  1. Sounds like fun in the water! :) I'm glad Livi and Hannah had fun too. They both talked about it in young women's yesterday at church. They seemed to have a blast with you!