Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 years

2 years ago today I met a man that would change my life forever.

We met because of a blind date Derek set up. Spencer had recently broken off an engagement. My mother had recently died. We were both in not so great places emotionally. He told me that he had cancer about a half hour after we met. That's what we bonded over.

I thought I'd scared him away on our first date. Here we are 2 years later and I've not scared him yet.

I came over to see him at 1 this afternoon. He was upstairs resting. His leg had been hurting so he wasn't going to brave the stairs quite yet. So I sat holding his hand until he was up for it.

He did come down stairs around 2. He laid in the little couch in the kitchen. Calli wanted company as she made cookies. I guess the other 6 people down stairs didn't count.

He was pretty lucid this afternoon. He was frustrated about not really being able to think. We talked about Chris and Olivia's birthdays. We talked about random things that he was able to focus on. We sort of talked about our first date. It was nice.

He was able to go on an outing with his dad.

As the day went on the less he was able to understand. Our late afternoon early evening was really hard.

We had a late dinner. I'm glad he's still able to eat. It does take a minute for him to get that that's what we're doing though.

I stayed a little later than I normally do. I don't like leaving him. I feel like I miss everything.

I was able to make him take a picture with me. He said that I wasn't to post it. So here is a picture of him I took today and one of me he took on our first date. I'm so thankful for the 2 years I have been able to have.