Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not much of an update but it's an update

I have been so jealous of the people around me the last week. Everyone gets to go to Girls Camp but me! I want to go so bad. Dedra was gone all last week. Mary and Spencer’s sisters are there this week. My nieces have been gone randomly throughout the summer. I WANT TO GO TO CAMP. I am aware that this is a very 14 year old thing to want. Let’s face it… sometimes I am very 14.

Work today made me want to break something. I kept getting people from the other departments asking me how to do their job. I’m sorry. I am not in account resolutions or retention on purpose. I am in emergency response. They can kiss it!

Good Idea: Having a job that makes you think.
Bad Idea: Thinking you should beat up the other people you work with…
Result: This is my 10 week. It’s trying to kill me. That’s rude.

There are lots of things I could tell you about. Like how I was able to sit with Spencer for 2 days straight. There were many more hard moments than I would like to admit. He is really depressed. He talked about things that make me cry. He is struggling. It’s hard for him. There were a few really great moments too. I was able to hold his hand. I was able to see him smile. I have been able to talk with him about things we planned. He may not have been awake during this talk but I was still able to talk to him. I was able to just sit with him. It was wonderful.

The wonderful moments make the hard moments worth it. I love him so much.

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  1. I'm sorry you have felt like breaking something. Working with people can be so frustrating sometimes. I'm glad you had some good moments with Spence though. You deserve it. Especially to see that awesome smile he has.