Friday, August 3, 2012

Bonus Post

This is what I am going to call a bonus blog. I am at work. We all sit at desks. We have an unlimited supply of free soda and hot chocolate. There is a cafĂ© down stairs that gives free food to the employees. We have a gym in the other building that is hardly ever used. They have started the “Biggest Loser” here at work. Todd is notorious for giving away cruses. He right now has 6 dirt bikes downstairs that he is going to give away.

To me, this still isn’t enough to get me off my big butt. I am not scared of my weight. I weigh 188. I weighed myself on Wednesday. I am 5’6 according to all the fun charts I’ve looked at I should be about 50-65 pounds lighter. I could work on that… or I could eat a root beer float and watch a movie. I vote for the latter. I like root beer floats much more than doing sit-ups… I exercise enough to maintain. Haha.

I see the reason as to why they are starting a weight loss competition. In the last 4 months I have seen several people plump up. When they asked if I was going to be part of this “game” I told them no. I have FGS (Fat Girl Syndrome) and I am okay with it. I thought it was rude that they asked me. I was the only one that was asked by name if I was going to participate. It’s like they are trying to tell me something. They’re rude. I should bring treats to work to thwart their plans. Muhahaha!


  1. A much bigger prize needed to compete with the yummmy goodness of Gina's sweet-treat-thwarting!

  2. bring those rootbeer floats to work and see who can resist them. heh heh....

  3. DEFINITELY bring treats to work! Hahahaha!