Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

I am going to ramble for a few minute. I am going to write everything down that comes to my mind for the next 5 minutes.

When you are calling a company and they give you a 1.800 number that had options what do you do? If I don’t hear what I want to hear I press 0 so that I can speak to a person. People who call us don’t do that. They hit button 1. That is the department that I work in. We deal with the emergency dispatching and account history and Special Instructions. Now, when you have questions about your bill, scheduling a tech to come out, questions about your new sensors, want to update your system, Licensing updates or whatever else you need to talk about that isn’t what we deal please KEEP LISTENING TO THE OPTIONS! They hear “Report a false alarm” and think that because why don’t have an emergency they should talk to us. That is simply not the case. It drives me crazy sometimes. Like now. The last 6 or 7 calls have been for people that haven’t needed this department. One person even said “Extension 5**9 Please” IF YOU KNOW THE EXTENSION, THEN TYPE IT IN YOURSELF!!! That really bugged me. –

Other things that have happened today:
· Cameron told me to put my phone away. I told him “Hell no”. (I need to talk nice. He is just a big bully and I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of winning.)
· David and I giggled like little girls because it bothered James.
· James told us funny stories from his trips to Las Vegas.
· We blew up a beach ball and played indoor volley ball.
· I reached under the desk and grabbed Tiffany’s feet because she always jumps and shrieks. Hahaha. (It was so funny!)
· Herschel walked around handing out gold fish crackers
· I talked to someone named Ronald Crapps – Not a joke that was his name.
· When people had ring back tones we put our phones on speaker and had mini dance parties.
· There is a girl that I work with that is an idiot. We like to tell her she’s pretty. She always tells us thanks when we tell her she’s pretty. She doesn’t get it…

Other things happened too. It was a fun day at work. I was glad I came in. – That was my 5 minutes.

I have a new idea for a blanket. I am a little nervous. I want it to work but that is still to be seen. I will post pictures if I can figure it out. Haha. This ugly blanket has taught me so much about sewing. It isn’t fancy. It is old crappy fabric. It’s been an amazing learning curve. I am excited to do more.

Just in case anyone cares I want a rotary cutter for Christmas. YOU BETTER CARE!

I was able to spend my evening with Spencer. I was glad for that. He is my favorite. He slept most of the time. He only ever woke up to ask what was wrong with him. This is the conversation we had maybe 10 times tonight

Him: what's going on?
Me: you're resting in your room.
Him: what's wrong with me?
Me: you have brain cancer.
Him: what do I do?
Me: endure.
Him: I'm sorry.
Me: for what?
Him: I don't know. I'm just sorry.
Me: don't be this will pass and everything will work out.
Him: I don't mean to make you sad.
Me: you don't. You are my happy.

He would then close his eyes and sleep for a little bit.

I left around 8. I work in the morning. Work will be good this week.

On a gross note, My allergies are trying to make my nose explode. Its ruining my life! I'll leave you with that. Hahaha

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  1. I love reading your post tonight! It really made me laugh when you told about all the funny things at work. Hahahaha! It is too classic!