Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The post I thought I posted last night. Ha!

August 21, 2012

I am going to have my 5 minute ramble:

Today was the first day of school for a lot of my coworkers children. I loved all the fun pictures of all the cute kids. Stacy’s daughter had her first day of kindergarten. Stacy was so sad and her daughter was all “Mom, go to work. I’m fine!”

Julia is in California. That is rude. She is missing the party. I would like to have her here. She would giggle at the funny names also.

I had a candy bar for breakfast. Yes, it was worth it. Yes, I will probably do it again.

I have sewing on the brain. I want to go spend $100 on fabric! That won’t happen. I just want it to happen. I need to use all the old before I get new. I want to start making blankets. The pretty blanket that Spencer wanted me to make has a pattern already drawn up. I just need to make it. There were a couple of patterns that he like when he would flip through my graph paper book. I put notes by them so I would be able to remember. I think that those are going to be the blankets that I make next.

I am sorry that all I want to talk about lately is sewing. Sometimes that’s all I want to do and other time I look at my sewing machines and wonder why I have them. Haha.

We have several people getting married in the next couple of months. There is a lot of craziness going on here as they plan. (David just called a customer a Dip Shit. HAHAHA) Leti just had her engagement photos taken a couple of days ago. Maria will be getting hers done soon. Tyler is still in shock that his woman said yes. It’s been fun to listen to them. It makes me so jealous.

That was my 5 minutes. That was fun. I like to have a rambling moment.

I like lists. This is what my work day was:

· Cam didn’t tell me to put my phone away. Muhahaha!
· I sneezed on Juan. He wasn’t happy. It was an accident. My allergies weren’t happy with his aftershave.
· I pinned Maria’s Skirt to her shirt. Haha.
· I spoke Ron WoodSchit. If that was my last name, I would change my name.
· Someone brought cupcakes to work with blue frosting and we decided frosting was better as face paint.
· When I call the other departments I like to talk in different accents. It keeps me entertained.
· Dedra called me at work and greeted me with “You poop your pants” When I answered the phone. It was Special. (Hey Dedra, The Calls are all recorded. If they grade that call you are in HUGE trouble!)
· I tried to talk Norm into filling our trophy with candy. He keeps telling me no.
· I came up with a plan to foil Norm’s verdict of no candy in the trophy.
· Cami brought in her baby! Aria is 1 week and 1 day old. She is stinking cute. I miss Cami.
· I had a lunch date with David.

Work wasn’t as fun today. Cam was running the floor. He’s a stick in the mud. I like Herschel so much better.

I will be working late a lot this week. I am trying to make up some of the hours that I missed last week. I need to get at least 13 hours of overtime to make up what I missed last week. I’m not excited for the longer hours. I am just glad that I will be able to make some of them up. :)

I cut Olivia's hair for school. It is super cute. I was only able to see Spencer for a short time. I worked late and then cut hair.

I was able to almost finish my blanket. It will be awesome.

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