Monday, August 20, 2012


I just want to make mention of the AWESOME that is my WIP wall. I have as of right now 51 blocks done and hanging on my wall. I am so excited about this. I have been talking to some people about how big I should be making this blanket. I may be closer to being done that I thought. Spencer may get to see the finished product after all!

This made me laugh out loud. I have to share. I had taken pictures of the blocks and my wall to show Spencer the progress of this ugly blanket. As he was looking at the pictures he said “Gina, this is really ugly. You should make a pretty blanket.” I wanted to cry I was beyond happy when he said that.

I am less than 30 blocks away from the end. I am going to buy a sheet for the back. I already have the batting. I hope to have this done on Wednesday. If I do I will be able to show Spencer. I am so excited!

I may have extra blocks. There is a chance that I will have another ugly blanket that will be a cuddle quilt. This is awesome.

I am in a really good mood this morning. That may be because I had caffeine this morning right after my bike ride. Good times.


  1. That's so awesome that you're so close to being done! Please post pictures of it when you're done! I really want to see the "ugly" quilt. ;) Knowing you are in a good mood makes me smile! :D

  2. love that! caffeine is always good for sewing projects. I am anxious to see your end result. Thanks to Dedra, I have grown to love ugly blankets.

  3. what does "WIP" stand for again?