Friday, August 31, 2012

August 30, 2012

I have been asked by someone very near and dear to my heart to not write so much about them on my blog anymore. Because I love and respect Spencer I won’t be posting as much about him.

I know that he is the reason that most people read my blog. I am sorry to disappoint. I will still post about the boring things that happen to me though. .. yeah I know, not nearly as good of a read.


I worked until 4:30. I got off a couple of hours early to run an errand and to have dinner with Ryan. We went to Tucono’s. That was a treat. You had to roll us out of there. It was so good. We normally went to Tucono’s on birthdays. Spencer and I would go for lunch and then graze until dinner. Haha. That way we only had to pay the lunch price but we were able to go all day. We were sneaky.

After dinner I did head over to Spencer’s house. I was there until it started to get dark.

I was going to work out… I ended up talking on the phone for an hour instead. Haha. I did work out a little. I just didn’t work as hard as I should have…

Ryan slept on my couch last night. He got to my house well after I was in bed and asleep. I have no idea what time. I didn’t hear him come in. haha.

I am now at work again… LAME!

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