Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Wednesday to remember

This morning Spencer with 4 of his siblings came over for pancakes and eggs. We all sat around visiting. It was a nice morning. At 11:00 we all got in the car and went to the show. We say the Avengers. Alexis met us there. Sam, Hannah and Chris had all not seen it. It was fun.

We got home around 2:15ish. Just in time too. Spencer had a Doctor's appointment and my home teachers were coming over.

Spencer's appointment went well. He was able to talk to the doctor about him being dizzy all the time. They were able to talk about what Spencer has been up to. Making sure he is making memories. :) They gave him a couple new prescriptions. They are "just in case" stuff.

While he was there I was with my home teachers. They talked to me about the talk President Eyring gave about Mountains to climb. That has been the talk that I have read and reread since we found out the cancer was back. Listening to Jeff talk a just about cried. Them coming and talking to me about this very talk is proof to me that Heavenly Father is truly looking out for me. It's proof that prayers are answered.

I was able to look at Temple dresses today. That was very overwhelming. I think that I never want to do something like that alone ever again. You need a mom, sister or friend. I will go back when Dad and Dedra are here.

I was able to sit with Spencer for about and hour tonight. He was tired. He rested and I sat there. We held hands. I love it when he takes me hand and says "You know I love you right?" he makes me cry every time. He's nice. I wish I could keep him.

We had a good day. I like good days.

Also, I know I told Spencer I wouldn't post this picture but I love it so much. I need to share it. This is one he took of us at the lake. It was my first and only time there.

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  1. It's a beautiful picture and you guys look so happy together. I'm glad you both had a good day. That talk you mention is a great comfort to me. I went temple dress shopping by myself too since my mom also wasn't there. Please know you guys continue to be in my prayers. You're both on my mind often and I cry for you guys often. Tell Spence I'd like to come see him this week if he's willing to have visitors. I don't wish to bother him with texts.