Monday, May 21, 2012

A lost day

So I worked a 10 hour day today. I was so excited to get home. Once I got home I text Spencer. I said that I was home and to let me know when he was up for a visit.

At 7:30 I text Sam and asked if Spencer was awake. Spencer hadn't text me and Sam didn't respond until 9:43 :( When Sam did respond he let me know that Spencer was heading to bed.

I waited all day to see him and now I don't get to! I am so dumbed. I lost a whole day! A whole day! I am exhausted. I am emotional. I am missing Spencer. I just let a whole day slip through my fingers.

Why good came from today? Let's look...

I was able to find my tape recorder. It had a mic. It is a sensitive mic too. It should pick up Spencer's whispers. I can then hook it up and get digital copies for later.

I cleaned out the closet of my second bedroom.

I didn't let anyone die at work.

I ate pie.

That's it I'm thinking... That's better than an all bad day. Maybe tomorrow will be the best day ever. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up to Spencer wanting to have breakfast again. Maybe tomorrow... Maybe...

I found a picture that Spence drew on my toe back in early April. I thought I'd share it.


  1. Pie does make so many things better. I could use a bit of pie too. I'm settling for an ice cream sandwich tonight. :P I hope tomorrow is better and that you get to see Spence. I do like the photo though. It's cute. :)

  2. Mary, I have a pie maker. If you want pie come crash my house. We'll party.